Monday, February 18, 2008

Scrapbook Expo 2008 pics

Ok, Let me start by saying that this wasn't one of my favorite expos. I was lucky enough to see my best friend Edie, and my amazingly famous friend Klo, and I did buy some great stuff, and by the looks of it, a LOT of stuff...but compared to the expos I've been to in the past, the vendors weren't all that great, I'd have to say out of about 50+ vendors, I liked about 8 of them. 4 of them I love, and I go back and recognize and spend at their booths year after year. With that said, let's look at these goodies!

This first pic is of two page kits I bought at the Freckle Friends booth. I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this company. I think i'm going to join their monthly kit club, cause I've seen their kits firsthand, and they are amazing! They've got some great talents working for their team! The girls working the booth are both totally sweet, and great salespeople! I wanted to buy everything! They had a freakin awesome acrylic album that one of their workers made up on display, and I told them that if they made that album into a class I'd drive an hour and a half to TAKE that class! (get a bigger booth, you guys rock!)

Pic # 2 is of the SEI Dill Blossom page kit, and the Morning Meadows Page kit. I bought the Dill blossom page kit through the SEI booth. When I got home and opened it, i DROOLED, because the paper is soooo cool! The linen texture is awesome, and the colors are soooo calming! I bought the Morning meadows page kit from another booth, and got it for wayyy cheap! 10 bucks! I asked them why it was so cheap, and they said that SEI didn't sell as many as they'd hoped. I thought..oh great, it must suck! I was surprised when I got home and opened the package, and there was some reallllly cool paper tucked in there, as well as stickers, tags, and iron ons!

I bought some Daisy D's paper at one booth, and it rocks! The stickers are amazing as well! I bought the two Imaginisce paper packs through Embellish it!

This next pic is of the new Paper Loft paper packs. OMG...paper loft is by far one of my favorite booths! Their papers have the most amazing color combinations, and they're thick, quality cardstock is the best! I can't wait till the ontario expo to get all of the new accessories that go with these kits!

Some of my fabulous finds were at the We R memories keepers booth, where I got a 12x12 album for 10 bucks, and another booth in the other room where I got the best deal of the day! They had NEW chatterbox boxed kits!!! Both kits include a 12x12 cordouroy album, tons of paper, alpha stickers, and 3d embellishments! I got 2 boxed kits for 28 bucks!!! These Chatterbox kits sell for 54 dollars APIECE at Michaels!! woo hoo!

Some really cool random papers I got. A company called GCD had some amazing new papers that had that cool linen texture and great colors! They also had Pebbles Inc, and Adornit papers. I also bought some Crate paper from another booth, cause you can NEVER have enough of that!

Quick quotes booth is great, cause they always have "buy 25 sheets, get 25 sheets" paper. SO.,,I may have some dupes from last October, but for that price, who cares? It's all good quality thick cardstock, and it's doublesided!!

This next group of paper is soooo cool! 3 different types, Rhonna Ferrar, Jenni Bowlin, and Mod (autumn leaves) I love the scalloped and decorative edges! I'm going to do some crazy cool albums with these!

A new company called had some really cool new paper. I liked it because it was thick, textured, and VERY Cratepaperish! (that's a new word i just made up) anything that is "cratepaperish" is gonna be in my bag!

Ok, I spent the most money at the Embellish it! booth this year. I think I always do! Shelby, the owner, is soooo nice and friendly, and very willing to strike up a comfortable conversation. I bought a TON Of basic grey paper, including the newest lines that aren't even in the stores yet! This new paper soooo totally rocks!! I bought Sugared (love it) Sultry, (love it!), archaeic (love it!) some 2 scoops, some perifery, Infuse (love it!) and recess! I also bought the bazzill companion pack for the sugared...cause you can never have too much bazzill!

ok this next picture is of the bag I bought at one of the booths. Let me just tell you, these bags have been sold at the expos for the past 2 years or so...I've stared at them time and time again, wondering whether i should buy one or not. They were only 28 bucks, and it seems like EVERYONE at these freakin expos had one but me..seriously! so i finally gave in and bought one. LEt me just tell you...I jam packed this thing so full of paper, and it was still comfortable! The wide strap at the top with comfortable fabric really did the trick! This bag is made by K and company and is definitely worth the money!

I didn't buy many rub ons at the expo this year, because there really WEREN'T many! The ones they did have were very pricey, and i can't spend a lot on rub ons! I bought some daisy D's, because I LOVE them and they come off really easy, some Imaginsce ones because they matched my paper, and some basic grey ones, because basic grey rocks! Thanks Embellish it!

The Gluedots booth had a ton of new Maya road chipboard books. They were all different, but sooo totally cool, and wayyy cheap! The most expensive one was only about 5 bucks, and the other ones were 4, 3 and even 2 bucks! I can't wait to make cool things out of these and show you guys! I also got a MM noteworthy scalloped note pad that is totally cool, and bought my first acrylic album to try out...i'm so nervous!

ok, so I'm a stampaholic..but most of you know that! I am in LOVE with the GO Inque See D's stamps, and I swear, I now own a TON of them, so when they have their next contest, I'll be READY! lol
Several different booths were selling them, and all for different prices, but the little ones were only a buck!

This last pic is all my extras that you just cant live without. Buttons (they had the coolest colors. Only a buck a bag, and buy 5 get one free!
I also got some Chalk ink (black and brown of course) and some stickles (black and brown, do you see the pattern?) and Embellish it gave me some free brads (brown), and I got some stamps on clearance 50% off, so I got autumn leaves, etc

that is the extent of my shopping extravaganza....enjoy!
ps-can't wait till the October expo...better start saving up now! =)


Anonymous said...

Egad, I don't even know what to say! What an incredible collection of stuff...beautiful...I will have to come back and look again, and again!

candice said...

dang girl -- you ain't trying to lie when you say "shopaholic"!! i wouldn't even know where to put all those papers!!!

LaurieStar said...

Wow - quite the haul! I thought you said you didn't like most of the vendors! :) I can't wait to go shop at my CK Convention in May! :)

Brigitte said...

Hey gorgeous !!
welll... i thought yu said you didn't like that convention !??!?
Wowwwwww !! are you going to open a shop or what ??!?!? LOL !!!!
amaaaaazing stuffs you've can't wait to see your beautiful creations with all these !!
Your friend from Australia ;)