Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Jadyn

My baby is now 3...omg, how sad! Is it just me, or do all mommies want their youngest and LAST baby to stay small forever? Boo hoo! =(

Daddy is in Vegas right now celebrating his own birthday...by himself. ( I know, who DOES that...he does....but whatever...I'm happy for him, and he deserves a break away from work and hectic life too. I can't always be the one taking trips, right? lol)

We're celebrating Jadyns birthday some time next week when we're not so busy. I know that sounds horrible, but this year is already going by so fast, I don't even know when we'll get a break to breathe! We are leaving for a small but NEEDED vacation to Big Bear this saturday and will be up there for 4 days during our spring break. After that, no more vacations till summer. (unless, of course, you want to count the 2 expos i get to attend in May, and the one i get to attend in June..hehe) but it's NOT all about me, right? j/k it is....just kidding again..it's really not..it just seems that way.

Ok, so i havn't blogged in 11 days. Bad mommy! But since this is baby Kenzies first day back after her mom's spring break, and I just got her down for a nap as well as Jordyn and the birthday girl, I figured I'd put down the book that I'm halfway through (that i started this morning...after i finished the book that i started yesterday morning-yes you read that right 1 1/2 books in 30 hours) that INSTEAD of reading some more, I'd better update my blog a bit. So here are some pics..enjoy!

pics 1 and 2. Jadyn enjoying her new Tinkerbell outfit that Grandma and Grandpa Brush gave her for her birthday.

Pic 3. Jadyn is FINALLY potty trained..woo hoo! Yes, she peed THAT MANY times in one day. Think of all the cardio I'm getting running back and forth to the bathroom!

Jadyn drew her first picture of a flower....awww! Maybe I'll have a future scrapbooker as a daughter! *crossing my fingers*

Last 3 pics...and yes, i know Jason is going to KILL me for posting the bottom two..but you know what? Maybe he'll STOP making FACES when we're getting our pictures taken...and keep his tongue in his mouth. Damnit, I wanted some good pics, cause I was lookin all cute and stuff at this wedding we attended, and out of 8 pics, only ONE he didnt have his tongue out. See honey, I TOLD YOU I'd put you on my blog if you did that! hehe

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Mini Album

Ok here is the cover of my mini album. I'll show the rest when it's done! =)

Reps for life paid off!

It's been 10 days since I blogged. OMG...so sorry! I have to be honest...I havn't created much lately, my mind and body have been in the gym working my way to a HEALTHIER happier me! I did, however, go to a crop last weekend and started a really cute melissa frances chipboard mini album with scenic route papers (will show pics when it's more finished)

anyways, here are the results of my first month at the gym....drumroll please!!

Lbs lost....9.2

bmi went down 1.4

body fat went down 7%!!! woot woot

chest lost 3 inches (oh no! not the boobs!)

arm lost .25 (why is it so hard to lose inches on my arms?)

waist lost 2.25 (gotta love the 5 lb hula hoop!)

hips lost 1.5

thigh lost 1.5

calf lost 1.75

overall, a very big success!

ps..here's a pic of lunch..YUM!
2 corn tortilla tostadas, 1/2 cup refried beans, 3 oz grilled chicken, veggies, and lite sour cream

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I lost Nicole Richie!

seriously...80+ lbs gone..forever...never to come back and haunt my body. I lost nicole richie. I lost a cheerleader, I lost someone on Maury Povich in need of serious intervention! I still need to lose another Nicole Richie, but I'm halfway there, baby...halfway to my goal, and there's NO stopping me, because my mind is back in it, my heads in the game, and my body is acctually LOVING the exercise at Reps for life! I have a great trainer, the owners ROCK, and everyone is super nice! I love that my friends are working out there now, and we can do this together! My future is bright..gonna go buy some shades.. =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Great deal on scrapping supplies!

Remember my friend Corinna and her story about Anita? And how I helped with some other friends and we all made a scrapbook for Anita's little girl? And how Corinna is going to deliver the scrapbook to Canada to Anita? And how she's been holding auctions for the last few weeks to help raise money? Remember? :)

Well......this weekend is the LAST WEEKEND of auctions. She is going next week (sudden change of plans) and has put up all the donations left into big bundles of stuff, love/wedding theme, travel/vacation theme, Disney theme, baby girl theme, misc baby theme, beach/tropical theme, teenager theme, tons of stuff!!

This is the last ditch effort, so go check it out and bid generously please!

Here is the page where you can see all of Corinna's auctions on ebay. Just in case this doesn't work, you can do an advanced search for her user name, which is sumsmom.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program......