Thursday, May 29, 2008

sorry no scrap stuff this week!

My uncle (mom's brother) died unexpectedly yesterday morning, so we're making arrangements for a small family funeral for him this weekend. I'll be back Sunday afternoon, and then leave wed morning for Texas convention to sell more Pazzles machines! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and kiss your loved ones...Life is short!
xoxo me

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wii Fit

Long time no blog! I've been busy....ummm....playing with my new wii fit??!!

Yep, I'm now a gamer..haha I play video games...and they make me sweat and burn calories and make a fool out of myself and I LOVE it! Pictures? yeah right!!! Maybe...someday...I'll let the kids take pics of me doing some exercises on then, but until then you can use your imaginations!

Some of my favorite games on there are the yoga ones (because they say i have good posture..yeah right!), the bubble girl one, the hula hoop one (omg my abs HURT today!), the boxing, and the penguin one is my all time fave, but not so much a "lose weight"

I'm going to a crop on Saturday night, so I'll have some new layouts to show you, and If I'm not too busy this week, I'll try to be creative!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My little girl

Jadyn, my two year old is soooo cuddly with me lately! She strokes my face, she kisses and bear hugs me, and she's in my arms constantly! She is our LAST baby, and on the day that she goes from "I wub you dough much!" to "I love you sooo much!" I think I'm gonna cry, because right now, as of this moment...I think it's the prettiest thing I've ever heard!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our new baby!!!

Ok, so I have to share! We bought a new car on Sunday and picked it up today. We're getting the windows tinted in a few days, but here are some pics of what it looks like. This is the Ford Fusion and it's VERY much like the Toyota Camry! Jason is claiming it as his, but we'll see....

Monday, May 19, 2008

If kids ruled the world...

so I'm giving the girls a bath tonight, and Jordyn announces "mom, there should be three bathtub turn thingies. One for hot, one for PERFECT and one for cold!"

duh! Now why didn't anyone else think of that??? =)

ps...everyone that left me a ARE on my blogroll...I'm just compiling my HUGE list now, and it'll be back up in a few days! Thanks so much for your support of my blog!

what do you think/

what do you think of the new look? if you hate it TELL ME ASAP! before I add all the links that I lost and have to retype! haha

I am so beyond bummed!!

Ok, so I did a HUGE blogger boo boo! I tried to install a new cool template. Me...who knows nothing about HTML and nothing about changing templates. LIttle did I know that when I changed things over, it deleted ALL of my extras on my sidebar, including my music, my stat counter (which i was smart enough to get back)all my lists, and all of my "cool scrapper" blogroll links! OMG!!! I spent days, hours weeks, and even over a MONTH collecting that amazing list! I cried last night, but I think I'm almost over it! I am bound and determined to get all those links back, so If your name was on my blogroll...or you'd like it to be, PLEASE leave a message with a link to your blog so I can add you back!!! BOO HOO!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I did yesterday

I wanted to make an album for my CKC St Louis trip. I chose my Basic Grey 6x12 chipboard album, because I've never worked with that size before. I used regular acrylic paint as my background on each page, and the paper is MME Tres JOlie. Many of the page accents and titles are from that line as well. I have some transparency frames that are from MME too in there. Some of the other transparencies are acctually the clear plastic that you THROW away when you buy acrylic stamps and store them the way i do. I found so many things that i'd normally throw away that I kept! Also, one of the journalling tags on one of the pages (white, looks like a torn off sheet of paper) is also just one of the samples that comes with the SEE D's stamps. I've been keeping some of those things to use, and they're great!
I used up a whole BOTTLE of Mod Podge on this project, and tons of random ribbons, mostly from Michaels!
Here is my album...enjoy!

Front Cover. I love the back cover better, so I'm kicking myself!
title is cuttlebug die

Journalling is on a new prima overlay (I am in LOVE with slick writer pens!)

The bird is another prima overlay, i cut the paper behind the overlay in the package and kept it behind it cause i loved the color already! Journalling card is NEW from BIsous! (see famous Klo?)

Maya Road office sheers (omg they so totally rock!) The owl is the clear plastic that the acrylic stamps come on when you buy them. Ya know..the stuff you throw away! I've saved it all, and used a ton of it in this book, so from now on above each picture, if i've used the acrylic stamp plastic, i'll just put ASP (acrylic stamp plastic)

Another Bisous journalling card, "good times" (ASP) felt from the Kajinkers booth..the lady gave me two free packages of it! woo hoo!

"not so perfect" (ASP) transparency from MME (my minds eye) cuttlebug alpha

KI memories tag lines (in orange) quote is ASP

Flourishes are ASP and I painted on the back of them with blue acrylic paint =)
journalling sheers-Maya Road


MM pink journalling paper, Maya road sheers

White journalling paper is from a GO INQUE See D's stamp insert (same as ASP but paper instead of plastic)

Title and crown from MME, black transparencies ASP


JOurnalling Tags Bisous, Quote and birds (top right) ASP, all the rest is MME

Buttons bought at BIG LOTS in a huge container for 3 bucks! (tons of em!)
Title is cuttlebug die (did i mention i used up a whole container of mod podge?

I'm totally excited that I took trash and made it into treasure. I have a whole drawer of that plastic from my acrylic stamps that I've put the stamps in cd cases and almost threw away the plastic they were on, until i realized that I could USE it...then i dug through my trash and recollected all of them! woot!


Department store, that is! I had to clarify that, cause my hubby's best friend's name is Ross! haha

I went there today to find a dress for a "tea party" that I'm going to with my mother in law. I have to admit, I hate shopping, but I was sooo freakin excited when I tried on 10 dresses and 9 of them fit me! I had SOME control, and only bought 5 of the 9, but I loved them all so much, and they were so freakin cheap, I couldn't put any more back! The most EXPENSIVE one was 17 bucks, and the cheapest one was 11.99! How cool is that?

Here are some pics of my lovely new summer dresses!

This first dress looked really good on me. I bought it for when mom asks me to go to church with her sometimes.

This second dress looked like Toile, and was sooo pretty and elegant I just had to buy it! (14 bucks!)

Same dress is black!!!

This is the dress that I bought for the tea party I'm going to be going to with my mother in's so cute on!

This is my goal's soooo cute and summery, and ALMOST fits! Another 15 lbs and I'll be wearing it everywhere! It's been over 12 years since I've fit in this size! can i hear a woot woot??

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Challenge #2

My next person that I'm gonna challenge is Jill L! I havn't talked to her in almost a year, and finally saw her IRL in Michigan this past weekend, so it was nice to put a face to a name after almost 4 years! Jilly girl! Here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it. Email me your finished page within a week and I'll post it on my blog!

create a page using at least 2 pictures from the convention with us. I would love it if you made a "whose line is it anyways" page with pics and TONS of journalling! Lets see what you can do!

Ready, set create!!!

Back from convention

I am back, and OMG these conventions keep getting better and better! It's so fun for me to finally meet people that I've been talking to online for 4 years and finally get to see in real life! I was hoping they'd be as funny IRL as on Yahoo, and they far exceeded my expectations! I'm not even gonna take pics of all the cool stuff I bought because you guys will drool on your keyboards and they might short circuit and then i'd be to blame, so I'll just say WOO HOO and be done with it. lol

I will, however say that I LOVE the new Maya Road office sheers-they so totally rock!
I love My Minds Eye Tres Jolie packs, and can't wait for their new line that is coming out!
I love the fact that I got the brand spankin new Bisous Journalling tag books!
and there are so many other things, I can't even get into it!
anyways...I'll be in Texas and Virgina next month...woo hoo!
Here are some pics of our great time!

Here's a pic of me and Stephanie (totally talented!) AKA Bertha Bitchy Bottoms!

Me and Famous Kloey!

The gang (from left-Me, Nancy S, Katrina, Jill L, Steph, Kloey)

Jill, Nancy and I -these girls are sooo funny!

we decided to play "whos line is it anyways?" and use the stand on the table as our prop. OMG! 20 minutes later we're still going, and are cracking up so badly, the waiters and waitresses were coming over to get into the action! In this pic we're prentending that it's a 3 person shot glass.

And for the record...these pics are taken sober...could you IMAGINE us with alcohol? scary thought!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off to another convention!

I'm off and running tomorrow morning at 3:30AM to catch a flight to Novi Michigan for another scrap convention with Pazzles! I get to work with Famous Kloey and Stephanie again, and I finally get to meet (in real life ) 3 of my scrap buddies that I've known through an online scrap yahoo group for 4 years!! Katrina, Jill L, and Nancy S! woo hoo! This is so exciting for me to meet people that I've talked to for so long! If you're reading this blog, and you're a scrapper near Novi Mi, come to the convention and visit us at the Pazzles booth!!
I'll post pics when I get home!!

Stagecoach ROCKED!

We had so much fun at the concert! IT was hot hot hot on Saturday, and we did a LOT of walking, but hey...that's how you burn calories, right? I didn't bring my camera, cause we weren't that close...but thanks to FLICKR, someone that had VIP tickets got some good FREE pics for me! haha

Here ya go!


Gretchen Wilson

Rascal Flatts!

Taylor Swift was such a good performer..and sooo pretty!

The Judds (omg the mom is sooo beautiful!)

Tim McGraw did amazing!

Carrie Underwood

Friday, May 2, 2008


I'm sorry that I wont be having a crop this weekend for NSD. BOO HOO!
O.k so i'm not really sad...
I'll be in the desert at Stagecoach Festival 2008...can i hear a WOOT WOOT??!?
The performers, some of them, but not even close to all of them are.....
Tim McGraw
Carrie Underwood
Taylor Swift
Big n Rich
Rascal Flatts
The Judds
Bucky Covington
etc etc etc

I did, however feel the need to support NSD so I bought some stuff on QVC this morning..hehe

Have a great weekend!

Sneak Peek

what's that saying that Heidi Swapp says? "she's up to something".....

well...I'm up to something...something that has to do with a wholeeee lotta chipboard and pictures! Here's a sneak peek!

ps-to answer the first FAQ...yes, i know the left one is bigger than the right one (we ARE talking about the pic above It's bigger because the left one is the backside of the COVER =)

Don't ask me when it'll be done...I have no