Monday, June 30, 2008

oh so sore!

Only rode 3.5 miles on the bike was 90 degrees, and I was still sore, so at least I got SOME exercise in, right?

Scrap pages to come asap, promise!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

exercise Haiku

My friends that know me the best will get a kick out of others will probably think I'm nutty. =P


Bike ride in the heat
Sore butt, sweaty too, home soon!
burn that fat, baby!

5.2 miles the hottest part of the day. Did it with Jacob, what a trooper! It's amazing what a little frustration mixed with adrenaline can do for you. You'd think I'd be a size 2 by now! ha!

Friday, June 27, 2008

exercise day two!

Did 1.5 miles today...not as many as yesterday, but the hills were much steeper, and I was going uphill about 75% of the time, so I think it evens out.

I also swam for about 2 hours today, including running around the inside edge of the pool OVER and OVER again.

I know this is probably boring to you scrappers, so I PROMISE to put scrap stuff up on Sunday, cause I'm cropping Saturday night!!

STay tuned!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


is my least favorite 8 letter word....but I'm doing it, I'm gonna work my butt off LITERALLY this summer! Jason and I have JUST BEGUN a weight loss challenge (percentage wise) this morning. He's got the spreadsheet ready to go, and is letting me throw away all cookies and chips, etc. This is big...huge even!

We took a 3.5 mile walk this morning up and down the hills in our neighborhood. We plan to take the walk every day, as well as play basketball, swim, ride bikes, etc! For every 10 lbs we lose, we reward ourselves with 50 bucks to spend on whatever we'd like. We might take a weekend trip at the end if we hit our goals!

Our first goal is to lose at least 10 lbs before we leave on our vacation on
July 24th. It's a huge goal, but totally doable with exercise and eating healthy!

My second goal is to maintain or lose some lbs while we're ON our trip for 17 days across country. This in itself is a huge feat!

My third goal is to have lost 30 MORe lbs (from today) by Halloween,

and my 4th goal is to have lost 40+ lbs from today till Christmas, for a grand total of at least 110 lbs!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pics from Virginia

Here are some of my fave pics from the trip..

also, I'll be posting some pics of what I made with my Pazzles machine while on the trip! woot!

Klo and I being silly at the Olive Garden

Just a bunch of swingers!!!




Kissing the statue

Pazzles princesses! We made these crowns with paper, and our Pazzles machine! Steph is the designing diva princess, I'm the pazzles princess, and Klo is the cutting Queen!

Me and my crown

On a bench at Mt Vernon. It was sooo beautiful there! We stayed for hours and got the greatest pics!

More pics to come!

If you're a lover of Vintage items...

You have to check out this company!
One of the vendors at the Virginia expo is the owner of a company called Accessories of Old. They have thousands of beautiful vintage items, and I'm not saying "vintage LOOKING" items, I'm saying the REAL MCCOY here. Vintage buttons made of glass with beveled edges, vintage trims, vintage glass beads, buckles, hair accessories, patches, brooches, kitchenwear, etc etc etc! I was sooo intrigued by all the cool things, I had to take tons of pictures!

Just by talking to Andrew and his father in law (both from South Africa)I learned so many cool things! Also, besides the cool vintage items, the antique packaging, and the drawings of the girls on the packaging just took my breath away...I loved it! If you're totally head over heels for vintage stuff, you've gotta check out their website... Accessories of old

They also had these totally freakin adorable house purses that I love love loved!!! They are big, and can probably hold a LOT of things, but how cute would they look in your scraproom full of supplies? Also, the little coin purses and handmade cards with vintage pictures are so cute, don't you just want one??

Accessories of Old also has an etsy shop and a blog, and as soon as I find out what those links are, I'll post them as well!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jill's side of the water?

So Wednesday after a beautiful day at Mt Vernon in Virginia, Famous Klo decided that she wanted to go see a lighthouse, so she told her gps "Magellan, take me to the Historical lighthouse!" (not really but I'm trying to make the story funnier than Klos...)
so anyways, we take this LONG road trip, and the sky gets darker,,,not that anyone notices...and we end up running straight into THIS sign...

but does that stop us? No....

so we stop this lady, and say "is there a lighthouse somewhere near here? And the skinny wench says "yes, right down this little path, it's not far at all!"...

so Klo says "Jill, we'll stay in the car, go take a picture of the light house."

So Dumb Jill starts walking...and walking..and walking...and almost a half mile later, the heavens open up and drop BUCKETS of water...I mean..close your eyes and walk cause you can't see CRAP amounts of water...and I'm like.."omg...I'm a half a mile away from the car, but WHAT IF the lighthouse is just around that corner, and I HAVE to get a pic for famous Klo, because she'd love me forever??" So...I forge the pouring down rain..with the thunder and lightning going crazy over my shoes are drenched, my clothes are soaked, and i'm freaking out cause i'm seriously in the middle of NOWHERE, down a little path, with trees and forest everywhere, thunder overhead, barely visible, watch wayyyy too many movies and read waaayyy too many scary stories, thinking hatchet annie is gonna come out of the trees and drag me into a swamp..but...i forge on cause klo needs her damn picture....

so as I'm about to give up and cry, i come into a clearing (camera hiding under my soaking wet shirt, still getting drenched, can't see worth crap...) and I see this teeny tiny boarded up hunk of junk HOUSE with a little glass dome on top. I am seriously beyond pissed at this point, and thinking that this piece of crap can't possibly be KLO's famous lighthouse, I decide to keep walking to see if the lighthouse was hiding behind the shack...omg...nope...that was it! This is what I risked my life for! (i'm laughing out loud with tears in my eyes as i type this cause it was soooo not funny that it was hilarious!) so I pull out my wet camera, and try to dry it off to take the damn picture, but there's not a damn dry bone or piece of clothing on me, so I take the picture with a wet lense,

and then back up a ways, take another pic,

and then realize i have to walk another half mile back to the car, and it's still raining....I walk, I feel sorry for myself, I'm about to cry, when out of the bushes comes my knight in wet clothing. Kloey came to rescue me cause she thought i was gonna drown!

I walk towards her with my head down, pretending that I was gonna cry, ready to melt into her arms,

cause i'm seriously freaked out about being alone in the boonies for a half an hour, and then as I'm telling her the story about the boarded up piece of crap light house, and i show her the pic on the camera, we both crack up so hard that we almost fall down into the mud puddle at our feet. Seriously laughed all the way back to the car, dripping wet..and this is what we looked like...

and this is Steph...all snug as a freakin bug in the car with her book, not a wet drop on her freakin body.....

oh,,,and here are my shoes.

Where are they now, you ask?? At the last hotel in the trash can, thank you very much!

Now, tune into Famous Klo's blog at for HER version of the story!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Scan Digital

I just became an affiliate for ScanDigital! Their link is to the left, and a few posts ago I told all about their company. Please go check them out! They have a great group of people working for them, and they're fast and fabulous! Get those pics out of those OLD "non acid free" scrapbooks, and send them to Scan Digital, so they can get them on disk to be preserved forever!

New Hair cut

ok i was going insane with the "in between lengths" haircut, so I got it cut and colored again last night. They didn't do it ANYTHING like the pic that I showed them, so I think I'm definitely gonna let this one grow back! I'm ready for long hair again! ahhh!!!

Growing up

Jordyn had a "last day of school" assembly yesterday and I was lucky enough to be able to attend for a bit. The kids sang a song, and got their report cards, etc. Jordyn has a new "first grader" haircut! I have to admit, that I got a bit emotional when Jordyn hugged her teacher goodbye and her teacher said that she loved Jordyn. I know that Jordyn adored her teacher, and it's gonna take a GREAT teacher next year to live up to the likes of Mrs Kuennan! Here are a few pics.

Once Jadyn spotted Jordyn, she ran over to her, and Jordyn sat her down on the carpet, and put a protective arm around her like the best big sister ever..once again, I almost lost it!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scan Digital

"Do you back up your scrapbooks??"

This is the spiel we heard over and over again from the booth across from us. Drove us nuts for a bit, but once we heard what the company had to offer we were intrigued!

Scan Digital is a company that takes your photos, albums, slides and negatives and scans and digitizes them so you can preserve, share and enjoy them forever!

Scan Digital is the first and ONLY service to put your photos on CD/DVD as well as in your own free, unlimited online gallery. You can organize your photos, create albums, share with friends and loved ones, and order reprints and other great photo products. They offer free shipping, free digital optimization, and the fastest turnaround time anywhere...GUARENTEED!

All you have to do is place your order, print an automated shipping label, gather your photos and ship them! They scan the photos/albums, color correct, crop, and upload them to your custom online gallery. Then, you can view and share the photos with friends and family. They ship you back your originals, as well as a cd at no additional cost!

Scan digital has great pricing and customer service, and they're CUTE to boot, see?

Check out their website at

Texas Pics

here are some pics from Texas, Y'all!

Here is steph in all her glory selling her Pazzles!

Kloey pretending she's not famous when we all know she is!

All of us (and our in front of Cracker Barrel...yum!

Steph, Klo and I...

Just some random chicks that wanted their pictures with me...JUST KIDDING! These are the coolest ladies that we met at the expo. Their names are Sherri, Sharon, Sandy, and Ronda (has to change her name to a "S" name to fit in!)
As soon as I find out from Klo, I'll also post links to their cool websites!!! These women were truly our kindred spirits and weren't afraid of our crazy personalities...LOVE THEM!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back from Texas, Y'all!

Ok, so once again i had a total blast, and once again I come home exhausted but excited about my next trip in a WEEK to Virginia for another one! woo hoo! I'm learning more and more things that I can do on the pazzles, like make my own frames, scallop my own 12x12 paper, make cool shapes and distort words, etc! BTW...I am now a proud PAZZLES owner! yay!

I'm not gonna post pics of all the things I bought at the convention, but I'll give you a list of some of my favorites!

Black chipboard scalloped tabbed album
New american crafts paper
I have the new Teresa Collins travel line...yee haw!
Kaiser craft it!
the ALL NEW SEI Poppy paper, not even in stores yet...oh baby oh baby
some new Bo Bunny
Basic Grey's new Euphoria paper with matching bazzill (of course)
Paper trunk (a fairly new company that has amaZing paper!)
I got their Jelly bean line, gigi, 1974, and batik

and TWINKLING H2O's!~ Omg if you guys havn't seen this stuff, you GOTTA get ya some y'all! Holy cow, saw a demo, fell in love...bought some..and then some more! I'll post a tutorial on some things i'm gonna alter with it as soon as I get a free minute!

pics will be up tomorrow hopefully of the fun we had with all the peeps we met!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vegas Trip

Here are some pics from our family funeral in Vegas. It was a very good trip, and very much what our family needed. This is the first time all of us kids have been together since my wedding almost 8 years ago! sad! Some of the cousins 6 years and younger met eachother for the first time, and they had a blast together!