Friday, October 31, 2008

More layouts for Anita

Well here are some more layouts. I'm very disappointed in the picture quality of them. It's totally my fault battery was dead! Oh well, you get the idea...just pretend the paper quality is much nicer and there's no glare, and then you'll see what I mean. Enjoy!

Remember a while back I told the story about Anita? If not, you can view it here..

this has been such an amazing experience for me and I'm grateful to be a part of it! Thank you Corinna, you are the best! xoxo

ps-Happy Halloween!

Sneak Peeks!

Ok, so I'm soooo excited cause I got chosen to be the guest designer for one of my FAVORITE companies. I'm not gonna say the name just yet, cause I dont know if it's supposed to be hush hush or not, but I'll tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and have written about them on my blog more than once..hehe

Here are 3 sneak peeks from 3 diff projects I have made for them so far...close ups..just in case they're not supposed to be published...yet... woo hoo!

Missing in Action

Why have I not blogged in 11 days? Been a bit busy. First, my father had another stroke so I drove to the middle of nowhere Nevada to see him with the kids. This was his first time meeting Jadyn, and he hasn't seen Jordyn since she was 2, so It was good for them to see their grandpa. Here are some pics from the trip....

Got home on Sunday and then left THURSDAY for another expo...this time in Ontario California..yay! We were very very busy and didn't get much sleep, but it was still fun and we got to see Kloey and Steph again, and I got to work with Edie too! We got the best deals at this expo out of any other expos! Thank you thank you thank you My Minds Eye! You guys are the best!!!! Also got some amazing deals with the Heidi Swapp booth.

I'm leaving again on the 13th of Nov for yet ANOTHER expo in Seattle..maybe I'll remember to take some pics this time!

More in a minute!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged again!

I just checked out my sister in laws blog and noticed that I was tagged...who knew?

ok so here goes..everything in 8's! (this is hard!)

8 shows I like to watch

1.Extreme Makeover home edition
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Project runway
4. wheel of fortune
5. Days of our Lives
6. Clean sweep (cause i wish they came to my house)
7. sheesh, i dont watch this much tv..
8. seriously...

8 restaurants I like to eat at

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Samoa Cookhouse (too bad its hours and hours away)
3. PF Changs
4. Subway (dont laugh it's the only healthy one)
5. Jose's mexican food
6. The Olive Garden
7. Chili's
8. Chevys

8 things that happened today

1. I watched 3 babies, 1 toddler and 2 dogs
2. Jadyn cried cause her shoes were too tight..which caused....
3. Jordyn to miss the bus
4. All babies teething so they all were fussy
5. Found out Jacob got a perfect report card
6. Found out that Jordyn did too
7. Made a healthy dinner and then...
8. Darci came over with Frugos for me (frozen yogurt-yummo!)

8 things that I am looking forward to

1. Scrapbooking expo this weekend-get to see Kloey and Steph
2. Wicked on Nov 9th..woot woot!
3. Pre thanksgiving vacation in San Diego for 4 days
4. Thanksgiving
5. My birthday
6. Seattle expo
7. Christmas
8. Vegas after Christmas (there was no time frame so i broke it up over a few months)
8 1/2 oops i forgot about halloween..hope I can find time in my schedule to get to the pumpkin patch! yikes!

8 things on my wish list...

never said if this was a life wishlist or a Christmas'll do both..

1. To be thinner
2. to be healthier
3. to make sure my family is HAPPY...alot!
4. To see my kids grow old
ok now for Christmas..cause i'm a brat...
5. a gift card to borders or barnes and noble (cause i'm obsessed with books
6. to be able to go to Klo's convention in March
7. To get the new Jillian Michaels wii fit game coming out soon
8. A gift card for a date night with my hubby..dinner and a movie

8 peeps I'm tagging..and they'd better do it!

1. Awesome Abby
2. Corinna bobbina
3. Dona dear (gonna give birth in 2 days)
4. Edie girl (best friend)
5. Famous Klo
6. Katrina (Katie girl)
7. Thea (little mushroom muncher)
8. Steph (Petunia Bitchy bottoms)

do it yahoos!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spice it up a Knotch....BAMMMMM (altered spice rack)

I have a friend that came over the other day. She's a southern gal, and cooks AMAZING foods. We got to talking about spices, etc, and I asked her if spices expire. She gave me a "LOOK" that told me they do. Then I told her I had my spice rack that I bought when we got married over 8 years ago. She gave me a worse look. I think she puked a bit...that was the

Needless to say, when she left, I emptied out all my spices into the garbage can (smelled wonderful)and then steam washed the jars. Why throw something away when you can re-use it, right? But it was soooo ugly, so I wanted to pretty it up and make it into a button holder. I KNOW its been done before..a million times, by a million scrappers...but not by here's my version!

Here are some before pics...yuck...

Then I put some fabric and ribbon on the top

I altered the bottles by adding ribbons to the sides, flowers with coordinating button colors to the tops, and buttons inside..yum!

I painted the spice rack creamy white cause it was too Dark.....then when i was done it was too Soo.......I got some sage colored acrylic paint and mixed some water with it, and did a wash over the top of the white...much better! I wish the colors looked better in the picture!

Here is the finished product. My my greatest creation ever, but way better than what it used to look like, and I love it cause it swivels! wooo hoo!

Jadyn loved watching mommy making the flower covered containers and shaking the buttons.

"are these for me, mommy?"

"no honey, they're for mommy"

"why do u always get everything?"

"oh boy..."



"I axed you a question!"



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

altered spice rack/button holder

been sick for 4 days with strep throat..not pretty! Sorry I havn't blogged anything crafty in a while, but an altered spice rack turned button holder is coming soon, I promise!!!
stay tuned!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Oh yay, I've secretly always wanted to be tagged! lol seriously...makes me feel like people LIKE me! haha

I was tagged by please check out her cool blog!

So here's the deal, I have to tell 6 random things about me...sheesh, what could I possibly tell that people don't already know?

So here goes.
Here are the rules....Link to the person who tagged you.
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Write six random things about yourself.
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6 Random Things About Me

1. I met my husband online 11 years ago.

2. I've lived in California all my life. Northern AND Southern

3. I just got back from urgent care and I have strep throat =(

4. I've almost lost 75 lbs and hope to hit or bypass that 75 lb mark on THURSDAY!

5. Most of my best friends in the world I've met online.

6. I swore I'd NEVER EVER have an indoor dog..especially one that sleeps in my bed...never never ever ever..and now...I have TWO dogs that sleep in my bed at night. 3 if you include my hubby! lol

Gee, I feel like these are all so boring! sorry!

I am tagging the following blogs.">">">">">

Please check out their amazing blogs!!

I chose these blogs because all of these ladies are SUPER talented and I love looking at their artwork and layouts! I didn't choose my friends blogs cause that would be expected, and I wanted to see if random strangers would participate. (So don't be offended, yahoos!)