Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My sappy son

Oh the joys of having an 11 year old that's getting hormones...*sigh*

Jacob has a "girlfriend." Who am I kidding, Jacob ALWAYS has girlfriends. Please believe I don't for one second CONDONE that he has girlfriends at this early age...but....luckily, Jacob is BEYOND innocent, and he's brutally honest too, and tells me anything...and...he's a HORRIBLE I'm happy when he tells me he only holds her hand sometimes and has NOT kissed

Anyways, this morning he tells me that in his computer class they had to make Valentines cards. I was all prepared to receive my valentines card from my boy that loves his mommy so much, when he said "I was gonna make one for you, mom...but mothers day is coming up soon, so I made one for my girlfriend instead!"
"what????" "excuse me???" haha
ok, so I made him show it to me....well....that's not exactly how it went, i acctually wrestled it out of his hands, and then he threw it, and I threw him (lightly) and beat him to it (all in good fun, promise!)
so I read it and laughed..and almost cried, but I had to share it, cause he's too damn cute! He's also really getting good at the computer stuff! He knows more about Microsoft word than I do!

here's a picture of the front

and the inside...

and the back!


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Nooooooooooooo! How can you stand your kid being so grown up? ;) Egad...I'm going to lock my daughter in her room till she's 30.