Thursday, January 31, 2008

two new layouts

I went to a crop about a week ago and finished some layouts. Here are two I wanted to share with you guys! I like them both, but of course the pics don't do the colors justice!
Remember that story I told about Jordyn naming her doll Lasagna? Well here's the layout to go with it! The paper is bazzill and fancy pants. The brads are joanns, the arrow is freehanded, title is sizzix

This second page was made with Bazzill paper (shocking? lol) and paper from a Joanns glitter christmas stack (love it!) The title is sizzix again, and the flowers are from a MM kit. I love the booty picture and couldn't wait to make a layout with it!

Dress up time!

About a month ago I showed pics from christmas Day, and I had a picture on there of the dress up drawers that I put together for Jordyn and Jadyn. It was my favorite present to them, and I hate to say it, but it's been a month, and they hadn't TOUCHED it! *sniff sniff*.....until....yesterday. OMG! So it started out with Jamison opening one of the drawers and wanting to put a dress worries, he's secure in his Then JOrdyn wanted to get in on the action, then Jadyn, and FINALLY! Dress up day! It kinda got scary when Jacob came home and wanted to dress up in dresses too. Especially when he started posing rediculously in them....I'm still debating on whether I'm gonna put THOSE pics on here or not! I dont wanna have to endure numerous phone calls from the in-laws spread throughout the country about my 11 year old BOY in a dress! haha


Jadyn has had a hard time going to sleep lately. I'll put her in her crib and she'll cry drives me nuts because she's almost 2, and you'd think she'd be used to her crib by now! Lucky for her, daddy spoils her, and after about 5 minutes of crying "daddy daddy help me!" he rescues her and drops her on the bed beside me. So I'm supposed to ignore her until she falls asleep beside me. This has turned into quite a PLAYFUL event for Jadyn, since she's not afraid to throw herself off the edge of the bed in search of toys....she always brings them back and then wants back up, so here is what she brought back to the bed the other night-2 dollies and some books. *SIGH*
So I was doing well ignoring her, but when I looked over and she was reading to her dollies, it was too darn cute to NOT tell her "hold on, mommy has to find her camera!"

I mean, can you be angry at her when she's so darn cute?
Did you see the one of her kissing her dollies boo boo? Damn, I dont want my last baby to grow up!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentines cards~

I don't make cards very often. Not because I don't like cards, I just think I suck at it. I think I'm a much better scrapper than I am card maker. That being said, I made some Valentines cards the other day while the kids were sleeping, and for once, I LOVE them! lol

Now I just need to figure out what I'm gonna DO with them! =)

All 3 cards were made using Basic Grey's YUMMY "BLUSH" line, brown chalk ink, and I threw in some Heidi Grace as well. Also, on the I LOVE YOU card, I used a Daisy D's roll on rubons border around the heart.

sooo, whatcha think about my cards??

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good deed

Today I did a good deed for a friend. One of my bestest friends (my sista from anotha mista) isn't feeling well, and is just starting her weight loss journey with me. I was up at 2am last night thinking about making her lunch today and presenting it really nice so she had a smile on her face while she ate. I got really sidetracked today and had visitors, etc, so It didn't go as planned, but I still made her a really healthy meal (sonora chicken, brown rice and fruit salad) and made her a bouquet of paper flowers. On the stems are words like GOALS, ACHIEVE, SUCCESS, etc. I just wanted to share my cute little bouquet, because I've seen so many of them on different blogs, and always wanted try try some of my own!

canvas fun

A few of my special scrap friends have been experimenting with canvas lately, so me being the follower that I am just had to try i can't stop! Here is a Valentinesy (that's a word now..according to me!) double canvas I did. They are 5x7 canvasses painted with acrylic. Since Jadyns room is lavendar, I'll probably put her name on it with cool letters and put it up in her room. Painting is so fun and relaxing, I should do it more often...but maybe after I take a few classes so I dont suck! ha!


Jordyn has these "little people" toys...a couple of days ago she was talking to them and said " mom, this ones name is Leenya, this ones name is Lila, and this ones name is Lasagna!"
I said "Lasagna?? what kind of name is that?"
She said "she's mexican", and I said "mexican, you mean italian?"
and she said "that's right, she's an italian girl!"

future layout to come!

Breakfast Surprise

Yesterday morning we were dragged out of bed by our 3 lovely children who had a "surprise" for us downstairs. My first thought was "oh no, they tried to make us breakfast and set the house on fire!" We hopped out of bed, and went downstairs to find that our kids had expertly set the table for us complete with salt and pepper, syrup, chocolate syrup, butter spray, and whip cream. This was the surprise. They said "surprise! we set the table for you so you could make us a nice breakfast!"
Bad mom hadn't been to the store in a week, so she had no milk, fruit, etc. Scrambled eggs and frozen waffles were served, and they thought it was the greatest breakfast ever! I just had to share their table setting skills. Notice the silverware wrapped in the napkin! ha!

By the way, this is Jadyn's new "i'm not happy with you" face. She uses it ALOT!

MNI (mom's night in!)

In my very special stay at home mom's group, we had a MNI (mom's night in) last week. Geena was kind enough to host it at her house, and she really went all out! We were all supposed to arrive in our jammies with slippers on and be prepared to relax and pamper ourselves (just what every mom should do ALL the time!)
I was the first one there...didn't read the fine print, and when Geena opened the door in her pretty red flowered pj's, I just winced, handed her the food, turned around and went home to find pj's that were clean (that was the hard part)
10 minute later I was back in my winter pjs and looking at the prettiest dainty display ever! geena had put pretty pink tulle all over the house, with silk orchids, and tealight candles everywhere! It was so romantic, I felt like telling her to share it with her hubby and not waste it on us! lol She even had the fireplace lit, and it was so warm and cozy, I was getting ready to fall asleep on the couch when Darci arrived in HER pjs. Once everyone got there and ooh'd and aah'd, we had a healthy dinner (because we're doing a fitness challenge in our group) and so we had a green salad, and I made a lite casserole. We had a tupperware Peach cobbler with lite ice cream for dessert.

once we were done eating, we sat by the fire with our BIORE clear pore strips on our noses, and we used Avon nail strips to do manicures and pedicures. It was fun teaching the girls how to do it, and when they saw that they could get their nails and toes done in 10 min with no mess, they were totally stoked!

After I freed my nose from the pore strip, geena put a mask on me. Fun going on, not so fun coming
I was able to get mine off in one piece, and lucky me, darci had her camera for a picture of my skin coming off! lol

Geena also got the ingredients so we could all make sugar scrubs for our hands to take fun!

Overall, this was one of the best events ever with our group. Only 6 of us showed up, but we had a blast and laughed the night away. I hope we can do these more often!

Good movies

Jason and I are very lucky to have grandparents from both sides of our families that live close by. My mom lives 10 minutes away, and Jasons parents and sister live less than an hour away, so we have great babysitters! We have been able to get some great date nights in in the past few months, and I just wanted to mention some great movies we have seen.

I took mom and Jacob to see hairspray after I went with Jason. I can't believe he was willing to go with me, but he loves pleasing his wife, so I dragged him in there. He pretended to fall asleep several times, and halfway through the movie, I think he whispered "Oh my God, this is a musical isn't it?" ....unnmmmm....duh!
Anyways, it wasn't his cup of tea, but I knew that mom and Jacob would love it, so I took them and they had a blast. Jacob was singing 'good morning baltimore!" every morning for a week!

Another one that I saw with my mom AND Jason at two separate times was August Rush. mom and I loved it, Jason thought it was ok, but we both agreed that the ending wasn't good enough. I wont ruin it for you by telling you what happens!

The best movie we've seen in years was Definitely the Bucket List that we saw two nights ago. It was sooooo good! It made us laugh and it made us cry (dont pretend ya didn't babe, cause I could tell =)
If you go see any movies this year, go see this one! Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are great together!!

One movie that we got through NETFLIX and saw recently was WILD HOGS. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, and we laughed and laughed. Dad, if you're reading this, this is a TOTAL JP movie!

There are several other movies we'd like to see, and I'll let you know after I see them if they're worth the 9.50 (yes, 9.50!) to see them in the theater, or if you should wait for video.

Friday, January 18, 2008

close to GOAL!

I went to my weight watchers meeting last night and now have OFFICIALLY lost 50 lbs since May!!! I'm so excited, I just had to share!!! I have a long ways to go still, but I feel good and BELIEVE I can ACHIEVE anything I put my mind to!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fun canvas project

In one of my Yahoo groups, we're doing 2008 goal projects. I'm not finished with mine yet, but I had so much fun working on painting parts of it yesterday, that I got the wild urge to paint a canvas today. It only took me about 15 minutes (and it shows) and I didn't freehand it first, (it shows) but it was still fun, and I'm gonna keep it in my scrap area so I can look at it every day to remind me what my goals are.

The canvas is from Joanns, and the paint is MM.

I have little orange dots around the outside of the canvas...and every time I lose 5 lbs, I'm gonna make one of the orange dots into a flower. Right now I have 9 flowers, for 45 lbs. I hope to add another flower by next week!

I should have my GOAL project finished in the next couple of days, and will post it. It's on a 12x24 canvas!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The good, the bad and the "what the hell?"

so the good news is that after going to urgent care and getting a shot in my butt, and getting some muscle relaxers, I'm feeling a bit better.

The bad is that my scrap area is a disaster and i really need to clean it so I can get back to scrappin.

here's the "what the hell?"

so jason is giving the girls a bath....and all of a sudden he goes under the sink and gets some acrylic paint and squirts it on the girls tummies....I looked at him and said "what the hell are you doing?" and he said, "i'm putting body soap paint on the girls!" and i said "that's not body bath paint, it's regular paint!" then he gets mad and says "but it SAYS WASHABLE on it!!! Why the heck do you have it under the sink if its not for the bath?" omg...i was almost in tears laughing....we had to drain the BLUE water and start little smurfs dont even realize what just happened to

Ok, so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the BLUE water, cause he drained it too fast, but you get the picture.

More soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

fun pix

Here are a few random fun pix...I need to get the bad quality pix out of my camera soon to share those with you guys too...there's even one of ME playing guitar hero (how embarrassing!)
First pic is of Jacob and Jadyn...they decided they wanted to pretend to go to sleep for the pic..why? Who knows! I can't believe she acctually closed her eyes for this without smiling!

next pic is of Ian (the boy I babysit for) trying to figure out why I'm hiding behind a camera...and every time I'd try to take his picture, he'd get up close and personal and practically eat the lense, but he was LOVIN it!

Last pic is of Jadyn giving Ian some lovin. There was a lot of lovin going on between them today, but I'm still trying to keep my blog G rated =)

I've gone 2 weeks without scrapping...arrgghhh! I'm in dire need of a clean scrap space! I have my gratitude journal that I was supposed to start 2 weeks ago, my
"ACHIEVE" goal project to work on, and I really want to do a Valentines day card swap, so I need to figure that out as well...creativity to follow asap, promise!!

Long time no blog

Where have I been... you might ask! Holy cow life is busy and complicated! I havn't blogged in 10 DAYS!!! First off, after New Years we went to Las Vegas to visit my brother Kevin and his family, so the cousins could play together. Jason stayed home with Jadyn and his new best friend GUITAR HERO (haha).

Here are some pics of the cousins together. My camera did some wierd things, so several of my pics got ruined!! =(

first pic is of Jacob and Jessica. Best friend cousins! (4 months apart)

Second pic is of baby Samantha (Sammi) This was our first time getting to meet her and Auntie Jill got her to laugh and laugh!!!

The next 2 pics are of Levi (brians son) who is ONE now, but it was also our first time meeting him. He's ALMOST walking, but still a bit wobbly and doesn't like being forced to stand alone! lol

The last pic is of Danielle and JOrdyn on the teeter totter. OMG...I dont think Jordyn has been outside as many hours in her whole life as she was in vegas. It was literally 40 degrees and they were out there for 6-8 hours per DAY playing on that swingset like it was made of gold! Jordyn and Danielle are a year apart.

I have no idea where Jason (cousin) was during picture time, but I came home and didn't have a single picture of him...oops! Bad auntie Jill!

I'd love to get some pics of the kids and their UTAH cousins sometime soon! (hint hint to Sean)

When we got home from Vegas I was sick as a dog for about 3-4 days and also have a pinched nerve in my left glute (yes you can officially call me a pain in the a$$ and I wont be offended). It's going on 16 days of pain, and the chiropractor didn't help at all, just took my money and tortured me with strange instruments. I've been given muscle relaxers and have been putting ice on it, but am hurting really badly, so I dont know how to fix that (another reason i havn't posted!