Monday, February 4, 2008

canvan project revamped

ok remember this? was starting to bug me. The mean eyes, the disproportionate body...the whole thing looked angry,and I didn't want something angry staring at me as a reminder to get to my goal weight. Sooooo....I redid it, and this is the finished product!
I like it a lot's much HAPPIER, doncha think?
The paper is from a K and company stack I bought at Joanns, and I used my sizzix machine to punch out the circle and the individual flower petals that are really leaves, but hey, they work!
The flowers around the edge of the canvas are From American Crafts and some are felt and some are plastic! I bought them for wayyy cheap at Big lots!
Once again, if you didnt read my original post below, the small flowers each represent 5 lbs of weight that I have lost. So far there are 50 lbs worth of flowers on there, and I hope to have the whole perimeter of the canvas filled by next year! =)

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Brigitte said...

oh yeahhh !! talking about ...revamping it !!?? it's redone !! i quite like the original one !! maybe adding bits and pieces around it ???
but great idea to remind you Girl ! and good luck on your journey to...better and healthier YOU !!