Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jordyn's 6th Birthday Party!

This is the first year since Jordyn's been born that we havn't had a combined birthday party with Jacob!!! What was I thinking giving birth to two kids in July?

Here are some of my favorite (sweaty faced kids) pics!

Boys in attendance-9
girls in attendance-0
that's what happens when my friends kids are all boys! haha

At the park with Grandma Linda

I got to spoil Gabe (Jen's son) for a day, so mom came over and we took the kids to the park. Grandma said it was safe....but then we saw this sign....omg....I was on bear lookout the whole time! (long story from my high school wildlife biology days...eek!)

these were some of the NICER poses....then the kids got freaky on me...haha

Jordyn said "i'm the devil!" (shocker...i know)

Gabe said "i'm a scorpion!" (ok...)

Jadyn said "I'm mean..." (yikes)

They weren't really unhappy, they were just faking it for the pics..promise!

You know your mom's a scrapper when you can pose so nicely for pics!

A lot of catching up to do

Ok, sorry so few posts lately, but i'm now gonna flood you with picture from my trips, and the past couple of weeks. No scrap pages for now, as i've been feverishly packing for our trip forever, and we're leaving on Thursday!.
These first pics are from when we went to Darby's baby shower two weekends ago.

I seriously hadn't seen Darby or her mom in over 8 years!!!

when we got home from Nor cali, I spent the night at Jen's house, and we were able to go out to dinner together at the Saddle Ranch Chop house. It was YUMMY!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

sorry it's been so long!

I just got back from a "last minute" trip to our friends house for a babyshower in Northern California. It was a fast 36 hour turn around, and a lot of driving, but it was worth it to see Darby and her family again after so many years! Darby has been my sister Jen's friend since 5th grade, and is now having her first little baby girl! (will post a pic asap!)

We are leaving on our BIG family reunion vacation (2 years in the making) a week from today. The time went by so fast, I can't believe it's only a week away! I'm so stressed about packing and forgetting things, but at the same time sooo excited that I'll have 17 days without having to clean house or entertain people! haha

If anyone is reading this and has any SUGGESTIONS on what to pack and NOT forget (like the children..haha) or good ways to pack CLOTHES so that we dont have to bring 5 suitcases into each hotel at night, PLEASE leave me a comment and I'll love you forever! This is by far our longest vacation that we've ever taken, and probably the longest we'll ever take in our lifetimes! 9 days in a row is the longest we've been away from home on a trip..we're gonna double that, so this should be interesting! =)

I'll try to post from the road, cause Jason's bringing his laptop!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Jacob and I made something today in rememberance of my time in Virginia and our amazing adventure to the "historical lighthouse.

This one's for you, Kloey!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

baby shower invitation

My friend asked me to help her make a Paris themed baby shower invitation (or should I say...40 of them) with my Pazzles machine today. They're not DONE, but this is the start. The picture turned out really blurry, and lopsided, and the color pink in the picture is HORRIBLe, but at least you get the picture. Gotta love pazzles...made 40 of these in about 15 minutes...and the leftover PARTS to the Eiffel tower will be used on the other side of the paper with more writing, and vellum!

when done it'll look more like a paris postcard

Boy page made with clothing labels

Ok so I know people have done this before, I've heard of it, but havn't SEEN it, so I decided to make my own page.

The background paper is Basic Grey's Archaeic
The tags are straight off Jacobs new school clothes
The "spirited" definition was given to me my Awesome Abby Key, out of an old dictionary
the Ledger paper was also given to me by Abby, and I used walnut ink on the edges
The S-T-Y-L-E title is also Basic Grey's Archaeic
the pewter looking sports charms are really freakin cool and i have NO IDEA where I got them, but they've been in my supplies FOR FREAKIN EVER!

All in all, I like how the page turned out, and it only took me 10 minutes! woot woot!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Pazzles stuff

Ok ok ok I PROMISE this is my LAST post of the day! I just had to catch up on the days that I missed..hehe

This first pic is NOT a Jill creation, but a creation from my amazingly talented friend SHERRI who came over and hourded my ribbons to make this wall hanging to hold her daughters hair clips!

The second pic is of a layout that Sherri made at her crop I attended, and I made the title, and the spider web and the tiara for her with my PAZZLES machine. DIdn't her layout turn out cute?

woot woot!

Jacob's birthday party pics

Ok, I'm DEFINITELY losing it! I think I MENTALLY Posted pics from his birthday on this blog a week ago..and now that I'm looking...they're not there! Holy cow!

SO I have to tell you...spending the whole day with 3-4 tweens (12 year olds) was by far one of the most amusing things I've ever done...these kids were freakin hilarious and I totally enjoyed myself!

First I picked up his friends, then we went to the pool, and then got lunch, then came home, changed our clothes and went to the movies. When we got home, we ordered pizza, and then the kids played video games for a while, followed by cupcakes, followed by more video games, and then we let them stay up till midnight, and sleep over.

Here are some of my favorite pics.

Jacob, Sean, Mark and Austin at the pool

Eating pizza...omg tweens are pigs! Is it just me, or do your kids like to show off when they eat pizza to show that they can eat the most??

Blowing out candles

Jason decided to make jacob eat the cupcake...off his face...

and then Mark thought it would be ok to join in the face painting...

as did Austin...

and of course, JOrdyn...sigh...

But not Jadyn! She doesn't like to get messy..that's my girl!

Jacob's wish came true...an nintendo ds...spoiled brat!

So after cupcakes I took the kids to the park to get their wiggles out till the sun went down. WHen we were leaving the kids wanted to do one last thing-pretend they were statues on top of the park sign when the cars went by....too funny!

All in all, there weren't a LOT of kids, but I think this was Jacobs best birthday yet!