Friday, August 31, 2007

What I FOUND when I went to Publish the pics..

Ok, here is what I found when I put my camera card into the pc to upload pics. Can you tell who's been using my camera?? haha

Trying to wake up on the RIGHT side of bed

So I wake up this morning, take my shower, get dressed, come downstairs, and sit on my couch. I start thinking about how I'm gonna make my day better, so I'm not as stressed by the end of the day. I look over to my left, and sitting next to me on the couch is a naked barbie with her arms up in the air as if saying "HOLDDD MEEEE!" I start to giggle. Then I pick her up and realize it's not just a barbie, it's a Mary Kate and Ashley barbie....even funnier! Then Ians mom drops him off (kinda like a drive by) *open door, hand the baby off, and run* She tells me he hasn't had a bottle yet, so I get out his bottle, and it's the 8oz bottle that needs a liner. So I look in the bag for a liner, and the liner is 8 inches long, and looks like a freakin horse condom all rolled out and ready to go! More giggles.....this is how my day began.....

Now, as I speak, Jordyn is coloring "tattoos" on naked mary kate doll. SHe's very proud. Gotta love kids! I'm still debating whether I should take a PICTURE of naked barbie....I'm acctually debating getting some of my scrap supplies, and making her into white trash mary kate....I have so many cool rub ons that would look great...maybe a butterfly on her butt, the word LOVE across her boob, I could make a nose ring with a brad, oh....the possibilities are endless! =)

I decided to take some pictures of jordyn walking to the bus stop with Jamison (another little boy I watch.) Here are the pics...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last one tonight, I promise!

I'm just testing this thing out to see if I can post pics in this section...sorry to be so annoying tonight! Looks like it worked...wooo hooo! This is a layout I created about a month ago at a crop. It pretty much sums up what the BOYS were doing right before the wedding, while I was stressing about my hair, makeup, and where the hell my bridesmaids were! =)

Mid Life Crisis?

Ok, so who knows, maybe I'm having a midlife crisis or something. I feel like I just kinda don't "care" anymore..if that makes any sense! And YES to your next question....I AM posting twice in one day...I'm sure it won't be the first time! I also want to appologize for my first post being so negative. If anyone reads that and acctually comes BACK to read a second post, I'll be shocked! lol

I just got back from back to school night. What a nightmare that was. Parking was rediculous, but Jordyn really likes her teacher, and I'm happy about that. So I get there, and I look around at all the other parents in the class, and I felt sooooo out of place! The moms all had their makeup done, their hair nice, dressy clothes on with jewelry, and fancy shoes. Me, on the other hand..didnt really think I was gonna go, so I didnt do JACK to myself. I wore dirty old flip flops, black capri sweats, a tank top that is WAYYY too big for me, and my hair in a lazy pony tail. NO makeup, no jewelry. I felt soooo embarrassed! Oh well, thank God it wasn't Jacobs class...he would have suffered the all humiliation network tomorrow with his friends!

So...since I'm going through this crisis...I figured I should make some lists to help me get over my FUNK.

The first list will be things that I think I'm really good at, and the second one will be things I need to work on.

Things I'm good at and things I love.... (I will keep this "G" rated, although I could write a whole blog on other things I'm good at..haha)

*making cute kids
*practicing making cute kids (just kidding)
*making friends
*helping others
*making people smile
*loving with all my heart
*spending money (I may have to put this in my "things to work on" list too!)
*tucking my kids in
*reading novels in one weekend
*planning fun vacations
*making my kids smile
*creating a meal out of NOTHING
*watching reality tv shows over and over again (even reruns)

*love mexican food
*love my kids and family
*love giving gifts
*love christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween
*love camp Noyo
*love Wyones house
*love my new house (although not when its a mess-which is always)
*love nature, and just being OUTSIDE in the fresh air
*love going to the ocean
*love playing in the snow
*love love love watching 80's movies
*love cropping with my friends
*love talking to my friends about anything and everything
*love reminiscing about the past
*love my daydreams...cause they are wonderful and I live through them when I'm down in the dumps (which is often lately)
*love cheesecake
*love how my son still wants his CUDDLE time with me, even though he's in 6th grade now
*love watching how much Jordyn loves art
*love how Jadyn is already a sneaky little pooper scooper
*love the word "bippee" cause it's funny as hell!
man, this list could go on an on, so I'll stop right here

what I need to improve on.....
*being a better wife
*not being so judgemental
*not YELLING at my kids when they're bad
*taking time for myself
*my housekeeping skills...they're nonexistant
*watching my language
*being obsessive and wanting what I can't have
*not forgiving myself for my past
*not having the best relationship with my parents
*not being able to let go of lost loved ones
*not having "TIME" for everything my family needs me for
*not dressing up enough and being lazy

ok, this post is depressing again...geez...I've never written in a journal before...this could get rediculous, cause I feel like I could write forever and never shut up! Tomorrow's a new out!

My Very First Post!

Wow, my very first blog. I have NO IDEA what to say...and it's funny, but I have SO MUCH to say at the same time! I really don't know if I should just blog about scrapbooking, or if I should blog about my scrappy life, or both....I guess that Is gonna be my first question that I ask of anyone that reads my posts.

I guess I'll start my blog with what kind of week I had. OMG....can you say hectic? Jordyn started kindergarten, Jacob started 6th grade, and I'm watching 2-3 kids or more a day. Need I say more? My morning starts at 5:30 when I wake up and take a shower. Then I wake up hubby and get him out of bed and into the shower. I get about 10 seconds to myself, before I have to make lunches for school, and have to wake the baby up. Then Ian (the 7 month old I babysit for comes) Shortly after Ian, Maddie comes. All madness breaks loose after I send Jacob off to school. Jordyn is so obsessed with school, that she waits by the door for HOURS (I kid you not) with her backpack on, asking every 10 minutes HOW MUCH LONGER till it's time to go to the bus stop. (can you say...CALGON TAKE ME AWAY?) this isn't just a one time thing,'s every single day that she does this. So for the next few hours, I'm giving breakfast to the babies and Jordyn, changing poopie diapers, giving naps, and trying to clean up messes. At 10am, I take Jordyn, along with Jadyn and the babies I watch out to the bus stop a block away. (can I just TELL you how freakin hot it's been this week? Can you enough to fry an egg on my ass?) IT was about 107 today....109 yesterday...and when the bus is late, it's REALLY late! So I stand there with Jordyn in the heat, and she's saying "how much longer till the bus gets here?" over and over and over again, while the babies are whining to get out of the stroller, and I'm dripping sweat (sounds like a lovely day so far, huh!)

Once the bus (thank GOD) picks up Jordyn, we go back home and I get Ian down for a nap. Then I ATTEMPT to get Jadyn (my 17 month old ) down for a nap. This usually takes between 1 and 2 1/2 hours, and sometimes is not successful at all! (something's gotta give) At this point I'm at my wits end, and am ready to call cps on myself, and have to take a breather (thank God I don't drink, cause this would be the time) I usually give up, and go downstairs and try to relax, but by this time, Ian has woken up from his nap cause of Jadyns crying, and I have to give them all lunch. Jadyn loves to throw her leftovers all over the floor, so I'm sweeping up CRAP at least 3 times a day (isn't parenthood lovely?)

After lunch, we play for a bit, and then guess what? It's time to pick up Jordyn again (fun!) I pile all the kids into the stroller AGAIN, and head out into the heat AGAIn, and wait for the always late bus AGAIN. Jordyn gets home, and she's instantly...well...herself. Yelling at me, telling me she hates me, demanding snacks, STEALING snacks, hitting me if she doesn't get MORE snacks, and torturing her sister. The next two hours after she gets home I could write a whole novel on, so I'll just leave it as hell in the household. Jacob gets home next, and Jordyn proceeds to antagonize him. Ian goes home at 5ish, and then guess what...I get to rest! NOTTTTT!!! Then I get to make dinner for everyone (and you KNOW you can't please everyone) so I pretty much have to make dinner for each individual person (see insanity in the dictionary)

After dinner, I clean up, put things away, and give the kids their baths. I make sure they have clean clothes for the next day (which usually means doing laundry) and get the kids ready for bed. It takes me until 9:30-10 to get Jadyn to sleep. Once she is asleep, I'm usually asleep seconds after her.;......why am I telling you all this, you may ask?

#1-so u understand that it's NOT YOU that I'm stressed with when I answer the phone
#2-if my emails sound bitchy, it's just cause I have two seconds to breathe to write them
#3-cause I'm hoping for a pity party
#4-cause I'm really good at putting all my shit out on the table for everyone to see
and last but not least, to explain the TITLE of my blog "My SO CALLED SCRAPPY LIFE"

when, you ask, do I get time to scrap? I'll take any second I can get and when I do....I RUN with IT!!