Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Teresa Collins Album

So last year, I went to an expo (or maybe it was early this year acctually) and I bought a KIT from a company that sells album kits (very very talented chicks)and I finished the album in less than an hour, but never had a bind it all to complete it, so FINALLY, today I took the kids with me to my LSS and used their bind it all (not gonna say their name on here, cause they were giving me crap about using their machine and not BUYING one from them)..but's finally finished!

So here are some pics..and remember, i took these really fast cause my battery was they're blurry, crooked, bad lighting..etc..but at least you get the picture, right? right...

so much to catch up on!

I havn't blogged in almost a excuse except I've really been enjoying my summer and have been gone 34 out of about 50 days total! I'm gonna skip my big 26 day vacation (cause that post will take forever, but don't worry, when I get time, I'll post my favorite pics) and skip the CKU pics too, but those will probably come this week or ASAP, and go straight into pics of things i CREATED at CKU, and other fun stuff..cause that's how I roll.

First of the items we made in Tim Holtz class. Granted we only had 1.5 hours, but we finished 4 projects, and they all totally rocked! My pics are all TOTALLY blurry cause my battery was almost dead, but I'm lazy and posting them anyways, otherwise they'll NEVER get posted...seriously..

This next pic is of a mini class we took on wednesday after the bus tour was over. I barely made it to the class cause our bus was late late late!

This next pic is of the album we made in Teresa Collins class...seriously, we made a whole album in an hour and a half...ok so we didn't completely FINISH the album, so I'm only showing the cover, but it'll be finished soon, so I'll show it all off later. This album totally rocks, and Teresa was sooo super sweet and an amazing teacher..and of course...she's beautiful!

These next 6 pics are from my "album" class with Margie Romney Aslett. I can't even say enough about Margie and how AWESOME she is...I told her I was her long lost sister..even her ipod songs are like mine, and her personality is amazing! This class used scenic route paper designed by the Gorgeous Sarah Milne, and every page is fantastic! I spent 2 hours cutting out flowers, so I was only able to finish 6 pages...will show the rest when I get them done!

During one of the crops Little Yellow Bicycle rocked our worlds with a goodie bag FULL of their travel line...we created this travel album (including the chipboard) in one night! Ok seriously....DONATED all this 250 people! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

thats all for now...more soon,I promise!