Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CKC Seattle

Only 4 days after Wicked, I was off to CKC Seattle WITHOUT Kloey and Steph. I was soooo scared and nervous that I was gonna screw up without them, but it was a really successful show. Yay!

Pazzles has come out with a new paper lace cd. It so totally rocks! Here are just a small fraction of what you can make from this cd with your Pazzles machine!

This one is my favorite. How cool would it be to make this in black vinyl 12x24 for your wall and have your family's name inside with pictures in the ovals? love love love it!

One of my favorite things to do at this expo was to make a sale by showing how EASY it was to make your own scalloped paper. Scalloped paper at other booths and stores sells for 99 cents up to 1.99 PER SHEET! I went to the booth across from us, bought some way cool paper on clearance for 40 cents a sheet, and made my own! I used the pen tool on some of them to show how you can do your faux stitching around the edges as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE scalloped paper!

These scalloped papers seriously took me about a minute to design each, in the pazzles software. What an easy sell! People saw how easy it is to save, and they can make things they love out of what they've already got! Scalloped paper is sooo in right now, I just can't get enough of it! I should have been doing this all along!

ps-if you click on the brown floral round sheet of paper you can see a close up of what the Pazzles Pen Tool can do....sweet!

Wicked rocks!

As an early birthday present, Jason got us tickets to go see Wicked at the Pantageus Theater in L.A. I have to say, because it was a musical, I was really afraid that Jason was gonna hate it, but he really liked it, and I LOVED it! That theater is old, but the mouldings and details inside were totally amazing! I wasn't allowed to take any pictures, so here is one Jacob took of us before we left.

afterwards, we went to the Cheesecake factory for dinner. What a great date night!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

77 and counting, baby!

77...what's the significance of that number? It's how many pounds I've lost since last year! Can I hear a woot woot? How did I do it? Weight watchers, exercise, and the Biggest Loser club. Not to mention my HUGE group of motivational friends and family members that keep me going every day! My next goal is to lose another 10 lbs by Christmas, and to hit my 100 pound mark by Valentines Day!

My weight watchers leader always says "Nothing tastes as good as SKINNY feels!" Well I plan to find out just how good that feels! Thanks for all of your support, people, I couldn't have done it without you! xoxox

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween fun

you guys are gonna hate me after this post, cause I'm posting so many favorite pics, I can't just choose a few! We started out our halloween night trying on costumes...omg can I just say NIGHTMARE? My 2 year old tried on 4 different things before I forced her to keep one on! First, Jadyn was the girl from Lazytown (a cartoon she watches) The wig has seen better days

....back in the bin it went! Then she was a witch (jordyns old outfit) too itchy..back in the bin...then her princess costume from last year....didnt' like the crown on her head, so back in the bin it went too! OMG...so I came up with an old granny outfit for her, and she was the freakin cutest old granny ever! Here are some of my fave pics of her...

Then there's Jordyn. She didn't like any of the costumes we had to choose from so I had to coax her into the fact that the DIVA costume was sooo cool! OMG...it took 2 hours to convince her...by this time I had turned into the grinch..bah humbug, let's put the kids to bed already! But we forged on....here are my fave pics of Jordyn. What a little crazy daisy she is!

And that leaves Jacob. Jacob decided that he didn't want to dress up...but since he's too young to stay home, he had to go trick or treating with us..and not without a costume...so first he made himself some claws...omg...then he found a bear mask in Jordyns room..and then a huge blue hoodie...so he was bearclaw man..or something..lol

So Jason said that there was a carnival at a church in Calimesa that had free games and free food (he's all about free food..haha) so we went there for a little bit, the kids played and ate and then we went trick or treating around the block, handed out some candy, and that was the extent of our night! Ok, last pics and then I'm done boring Y'all!