Friday, January 30, 2009

Chocolate Peanut butter Haystacks

Original recipe

1 cup fiber 1 cereal
1 1.5 oz chocolate bar
1 tbsp peanut butter

what i used..cause its all i had...

1 cup fiber 1 cereal
1 litehouse 100 cal cup chocolate (i found this in the fruit section of the store by the apples and caramel dip)
3 tbsp PB2 (powdered peanut butter) with 1 1/2 tbsp water (tastes exactly the same as real peanut butter but wayyy less fat and calories!)

even with my substitutes, it was still totally yummo!

mix chocolate and pb and stir in with fiber 1. make 6 "haystacks" and freeze or refridgerate.

These are a point a PIECE, and FIBERRIFFIC!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

caught myself being scammed!

So i'm putting clothes away, and Jason throws me my bank statement..which i rarely ever open or look at...but i (to avoid more cleaning) opened it up, and didn't notice anything out of the norm...until the second page...then i saw a similarity on the first and second page and i didnt' know what it was. It said MC reservation rewards 10.00

and on the first page, it said the same thing....on the 22nd of December, and the 22nd of January. So I thought to myself..this is NOT a purchase i made..on the same date of two months! Luckily, there was a phone number. I called it, and the lady told me it was a LINK off of brylane catalog that I MUST have signed up for. I said...NO...she said "sometimes its a link, and if you even click on it, it automatically signs you up. " so I said "cancel me immediately, i did NOT sign up for this!"

then i asked her "how long has money been taken out of my account through this program?"

and she replied...(omg) "since JUNE of 2007!"

19 freakin months! That's 190 dollars! Holy freakin crap!

So I told her (in a not very nice way) that I wanted every single dollar of that money refunded back to me immediately, or I'm gonna press charges (or something like that) and she said she would refund me..but OMG..if I hadn't caught that on my bank statement, who knows how many years would have gone by???

Moral of the story...check your bank statement!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chicken Salad wrap

Tonight I made chicken a chicken salad wrap for dinner. It was DEEEELISH! 9 points total, but 2 of those points were from 1/4 avocado, so it can be made with less pts!
It was, however, very filling, so it was worth every point!


4 oz chopped boneless skinless chicken breast
1 La Tortilla Factory smart and tasty wrap
1 tbsp whipped cream cheese
1 laughing cow light cheese wedge
1/4 avocado
1 green onion chopped
1 raddish chopped
a little bit of jicama chopped (love the crunchy stuff!)
a bit of cilantro chopped
1/4 cup purple cabbage chopped
dash of pepper

mix all of the above and put it in the tortilla. Roll it up, slice it in half, and enjoy! =)

sorry the pic came out so camera phone is just wayyy too convenient lately!

Help my friend save her husbands restaurant!!

One of my really really good friends (Jason's old coworker in Northern California) recently got married to an AMAZING guy after a really BAD marriage. He is the owner of an awesome, popular restaurant in Northern California, and it's being threatened to be shut down because the owner of the LAND is a jerk! They're trying to get a petition going to help Save their restaurant. If you have any time, please go to their website!

there's a petition you can download and send in, or you can leave a message on their website, etc.

Bernadette is one of the most awesome friends I know, has struggled a LOT, and her babymaking years are limited. They're not going to try to have kids until they know that they are ok financially. This is why this restaurant is so important to them!

And if you live in Northern California, and you are reading this, head on out to Bodega Bay and eat there! You'll realize its awesome, and it needs to be saved! Thanks so much!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CHA 2009 cool person layout!

This'll be my last post today! (i think...=)

I'm creating layouts of all the cool peeps I met at CHA. I did this one yesterday, and I LOVe some of it...and don't love some of it, but it's done now, and I'm not gonna change it for a third time! lol

This layout is of CD Muckosky (the girl I told you about in a post below) so totally cool, so totally nice, so fun!

More layouts of more cool peeps soon! I have to print them out!

This one is acctually a layout I made using the make and take I made at the fancy pants booth. I acctually put her BUISNESS card (isn't it cute?) on there, and doodled like a fool! YOu likey?

ps-the pic doesn't do the colors was taken with my cellphone!
btw..I am in love with glaze and souffle pens!

New Doggie "Do's"

Ok, I just had to post a pic of Annabelle and Bella with their new haircuts today. Aren't they so stinkin cute? They are Cockapoos, and REAL sisters, but don't look alike at all!


Bella Ann

ps-sorry I'm so blogarriffic today, but I'm on a roll!

CHA 2009 Sneak Peeks!

So....I kinda didn't take a TON of pics of acctual PRODUCT from these companies, I took pics of the LAYOUTS they made WITH the products..cause they were so totally awesome! I wanted to steal them and take them home with me, and put MY kids pics on the pages! SERIOUSLY>>>>>

anyways..this is gonna be a long post (sorry) because I have a lot of pics..and a lot of cooooool chicks to talk about!

Here goes...I don't Even know where to start!

I think to make it easier on myself, I'll just talk about the cool people I met first, and then showcase the layouts on the bottom...cause blogger only lets me download 5 pics at a time, and it gets totally confusing (and the babies will only sleep soooo long! lol)


The whole team was totally nice. They showcased their products really well, had a great make and take, and made all their papers available to touch and feel and drool over. Their papers included flocking, glitter, bling and foil! All their paper comes in pads, which now INCLUDE the alphabets, journalling, etc in the back for the same cost! All papers are double sided..drool drool drool....

Stampers Anonymous

Ok I'm gonna include Wendy Vecchi AND Tim Holtz in here. Tim was amazing with his demonstrations, and of course, was SURROUNDED by tons of chicks at all time. He is super nice! Wendy Vecchi created some AMAZING things (you will see pics below) from grungeboard, her stamps, and inks. OMG...I told her i wanted to take the whole display and frame it and put it straight on my wall! I think she almost called security on me...I was reaching stalker


Donna Salazar was soooo nice and adorable, and the male worker (don't remember his name) was soooo super nice to Edie and I! They did a TON of giveaways, and people were walking away with BAGS full of flowers. LOVE LOVE LOVE! ***the layouts in that booth were amazing! see below...

Paper Loft

The paper loft ladies are always super nice to me at the expos, so when they saw me at CHA and i was drooling over the new lines, and yelling out loud "I LOVEEEE PAPER LOFT!~" they laughed, and said "louder louder" so of course....I got (another security issue...haha)

They have 3 new lines...slug bug giggle, slug bug laugh, and slug bug smile. I 2 weeks...hehe

Basic Grey

I just have to tell ya...basic grey paper makes me drool buckets! I was amazed at how many new lines they had (and I WILL HAVE SOON!) My all time faves were... Lime Rickey (omg wait till you see the layouts!) porcelain, bittersweet, and wisteria. I could have stayed in that booth all day long and stared...whoever designed those layouts gets HUGE props, cause they had me mesmerized! Their new bling and stamps are awesome too!


seriously..have you SEEn the layouts these people create? I love love love to go to their booths! So much color, design and talent! I took pics of TONS of their layouts, cause I couldn't just choose a few!

Best Creations

This is a fairly new company with super cute paper, bling paper, and realllllly cool 3-d stickers!

One of their layout designers is Nancy Burke. (Nancy has been a designer for several scrap companies including inque boutique, sticker studio, ivy cottage magazine, paperkutz, etc! her blog is...

Nancy is so cool, and took a LONG time to talk to me about how to get into the "designer" buisness. Her layouts were sooo amazing!

Kaiser Craft

Great new paper, amazing new rubons, embellishments, and BOMB stamps! love love love their stamps! Melissa Kennedy was really nice, created an amazing make and take, and I could listen to her talk all


SEI has some great new paper lines out, as well as some cool embellishments and cards! Playday, Bridgeport, Lovebirds, and Clarabelle (only available in a 12x12 album) are all amazing! I will be owning CLARABELLE soon! =)


I can't tell you ENOUGH how awesome it was to see Chatterbox make a HUGE comeback! Their new lines ROCk, they have so much bling and flocking and texture! Their newBrad making kits are AWESOME and I have to have one! I got the opportunity to meet the owner, Beautiful mrs Melody Ross! So super sweet and funny! I think I talked to Carrie (the girl with the coolest shoes at CHA) the longest, and she instantly became my busom friend! I hope to see her again someday (CKU Provo??) and hang out, cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Pebbles Inc

Pebbles Inc has the greatest new share and tell albums ever. I absolutely HAVE to have some! I got to meet the owner Brenda Birrell. She was sooo nice! If you havn't seen those albums yet, or you are doing that 365 day pictures challenge, this is the album for you!!!

Fancy Pants/Scrapblog

This company needs to be called "how to meet 3 cool chicks at the same time!"

Seriously, so we go there to do a make and take, and this super funky chick is standing there doing one, and her friend said "cd, can you pass me the ink" (or something like that) and Edie's jaw drops. She looks at me and whispers "she's famous!" and I said..."wait...CD, as in that famous scrapper CD with the hard to pronounce last name that starts with an M?" (yea, I'm great at first impressions, huh! lol) and she smiled and said YES, that's me. We talked to them for over 20 minutes, and I think CD is my sister from another mister, cause I wanted to pack her up and take her home with me! She was sooooo awesome! And of course, she wasn't the only famous person there, we were rubbing elbows with Michelle Coleman (designer for Fancy Pants) and the girl from scrapblog (holy cow I can't remember your name!) What a great time we had with them!! CD, I hope you CAN make it to CKU!!

Little Yellow Bicycle

Little Yellow bicycle had by far the coolest free bags they were giving out. Everyone wanted one! (and I got one) I got to meet Sharon Ann! She was super sweet and showed me some of the cool new lines. My fave was the travel line, cause it had awesome colors! Their new chipboard albums, sheers, and journalling cards ROCK!!


Fiscars was showing off the new lines of Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, and several others. I was DROOLING over the Heidi Grace and CLOUD 9! I have to have them both...soon! We got to meet the fiskateer Wendo Jo. She was soooo nice and sooo informative! I need to rub elbows with her again!

Paper Trunk

Paper Trunk had some ROCKIN new paper lines. The owner was there, and she was sooo super sweet! We loved her! (pics below)

I got to meet Suzanne, the owner and designer of Bisous! (the company I was the guest designer for) She RECOGNIZED me and gave me a big hug! It was so nice to meet her in person...sooo super sweet! Her pages looked AMAZING in that booth..and even though I own it all...I was still drooling! She even made a copy of my clock, and had it on CHA! OMG what an honor!

We went to several different booths besides the above, but these are the ones that really stood out!


7 Gypsies

Basic Grey


(Melody Ross!0

(My busom friend Carrie!)

Crate Paper

Cloud 9

Fancy Pants
How bad does it SUCK that this pic came out blurry? =(
This is CD, Michelle and I


Heidi Grace and Fiskars

Paper Trunk

Stampers Anonymous
Wendy Vecchi

Pebbles Inc

Little Yellow Bicycle


Technique Tuesday

And last but Certainly NOT LEAST...
Tim Holtz =)