Monday, February 25, 2008

Chocolate Pillows??

Ok I just have to tell this funny story...

last night I was getting ready to go to sleep, Jason turned off the lights, I lied down and all of a sudden I smelled chocolate. Not nasty chocolate, but the chocolate smell you get when you're about to take a bite out of some deliscious Rocky Road ice cream!

I sat up in bed, and said "did you just eat chocolate?" and Jason said "no!"
I laid back down, then turned to him...smelled it again, and said "you liar, I can smell it!"
"no, i didn't have any chocolate...i had a graham cracker an hour ago, but no chocolate i promise!"
sniff sniff
at this point i turned on the light, and glared at him. "where is the chocolate bar?" I started searching for wrappers, and couldn't find anything, and he was totally laughing at me and swearing that he didn't have ANY chocolate.
I turned the light back off, and laid back down....buried my head in my NEW memory foam pillow that I had bought that day, and smelled it again...strong yummy chocolate....was I going insane? Then i pulled back my pillow case, and smelled my new pillow.....the chocolate smell was coming from my pillow! OMG>....I was in love....haha
Not only did my pillow smell like ROcky road, but it was the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on! And the dreams....oh the


iris said...

haha sweetdreams girlfriend!! Hey you did some serious shopping huh. ANd the layout you did for your mom as beautiful.

Dona said...

you big ding dong (haha..funny choice of words)...a chocolate smelling pillow...geeze...i think that would keep me up at night. haha..

you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

WHAT??? A chocolate PILLOW??? I want one!
Nette :)

Anonymous said...

okay, as someone who is dieting, I think that pillow company should be shut down. Smell it but can't eat it? No thank you!