Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what's for lunch?

I am shocked at how many LOW point and low calorie foods you can find at Trader Joes! And everything there is super duper cheap, too!

For lunch today I had a chicken skewer (cooked and taken off the skewer) 3 pts
2 oz of whole wheat penne pasta with "i cant believe its not butter spray" 4 pts
and about a cup of this vegetable medley I got at trader joes too 2 pts (cause it has a buttery sauce) 9 pts total for this lunch and very filling and YUMMY!

Here's a pic

ps-I'm now eating most of my food on a salad size plate, cause I'm a visual person. it makes it look like more food, even though it's a smaller portion size. Believe me, this helps!


Los Claytons said...

I am going to try that salad plate trick...I like to see my plate full! :)

iris said...

Jill you know this is really helpful. I'm trying to loose weight now after giving birth but I just love cake and creamy pastas too much! I'll be following this and hope to get the courage and inspiration from you.

BTW you asked me about scissors and exacto knife. I use scissors. Really pointed ones:) DANGEROUS!LOL!