Thursday, January 29, 2009

caught myself being scammed!

So i'm putting clothes away, and Jason throws me my bank statement..which i rarely ever open or look at...but i (to avoid more cleaning) opened it up, and didn't notice anything out of the norm...until the second page...then i saw a similarity on the first and second page and i didnt' know what it was. It said MC reservation rewards 10.00

and on the first page, it said the same thing....on the 22nd of December, and the 22nd of January. So I thought to myself..this is NOT a purchase i made..on the same date of two months! Luckily, there was a phone number. I called it, and the lady told me it was a LINK off of brylane catalog that I MUST have signed up for. I said...NO...she said "sometimes its a link, and if you even click on it, it automatically signs you up. " so I said "cancel me immediately, i did NOT sign up for this!"

then i asked her "how long has money been taken out of my account through this program?"

and she replied...(omg) "since JUNE of 2007!"

19 freakin months! That's 190 dollars! Holy freakin crap!

So I told her (in a not very nice way) that I wanted every single dollar of that money refunded back to me immediately, or I'm gonna press charges (or something like that) and she said she would refund me..but OMG..if I hadn't caught that on my bank statement, who knows how many years would have gone by???

Moral of the story...check your bank statement!!!!


TxScrapAddict said...

Amen sista! And keep checking it until the money is returned or go to the state Attorney General's Office!!!

Rhonda said...

Wow! that is crazy. What a blessing they took the charges off. It is scary I had my debit card tampered with this week and almost freaked out when the bank said I did not need a new card yet. Oh! yes I want a new card and now Please! It sure was a reality check. In the back of my mind I always thought these kind of things would not happen to me. Anyways, good for you for standing up and not taking it.

Nita said...

Amazing! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one this has happened too!

I just looked at my bank statement the other day and noticed a $12 charge from Reservation Rewards...I remember seeing an e-mail from them in my account, so I went back to look at it. Low and behold, it was something I had clicked on to sign up from Fandango.

In fine print at the very bottom of the e-mail (like who really reads all of that stuff), is that info that I am going to be charged $12 a month! OMG! I NEVER gave them my bank account information or anything! Needless to say, I called them and cancelled it, AND I called my BFF and told her that she needed to look at her bank statement, because she had also just started using Fandango to buy tickets!

Thanks for sharing!! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one!