Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help a Cause!

Okay, so I have this WONDERFUL, AWESOME, FABULOUS friend named Corinna. Seriously, this girl rocks! :)

And remember when I told about her a few months ago, how she had enlisted me and a group of other friends who are scrappers to help her make a scrapbook for Anita in Canada who has breast cancer? Remember? Well, I wrote about it here. And Corinna has an update on her blog. She needs some MORE help and I want to help her get it. So go over there and check it out and let's make something happen!

Go here and then give her some money, or some scrapbooking supplies, or subscribe to her blog so you can find out when the auction is (March), or just give her an "atta girl." She's in over her head a bit and feeling a little stressed about the whole thing. :)

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