Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reason # 5469 why I LOVE S.E.I!!!

Ok, If you're a scrapper and you havn't heard of SEI yet, you should be ashamed of yourself! Come out of that scrap closet already and get with the times, girls!

I think I have almost every line that SEI has ever made, with the except of their kitty cat line..for good reason (no cats!) make a long Blog short...(btw, we just had a 5.0 earthquake..hoping for no aftershocks tonight!) subject...back to SEI...

I was in Michaels Crafts a few months back, and they had one of their NEW SEI 12x12 albums in an hour on sale for the crazy price of 19.99, and i think It was on clearance for even lower than that! These albums in an hour are amazing! You get the pretty box (that can be used for anything!), the ALBUM (worth over 20 bucks by itself) and ALL of the paper and embellishments (worth more than 20 bucks too) as well as detailed instructions on how to make the pages...oh, and the BEST that the paper is ALL cut and put in a pile according to what page you are making. It's all done for you except for the adhering part! (thus the name, "album in an hour") so In about 4 hours (cause I had to ink, find correct pics, etc, ) I had a beautiful 20 page album totally completed! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Now, I was kinda lazy and the pics didn't turn out so well, because I took them on my bulky overgrown couch, so they're all shaped wierd, but I am posting them on here anyways, cause you can still get the picture (see lazy above)

Of course I can't take the credit for it's greatness, because the layouts are already preplanned, but I can take credit for the cool picture, and the ADDITIONAL embellishments like some Heidi Swapp chipboard and embellishments, and some cool rubons including Daisy D's (one of my fave rub on companies)

let me know what you think!


Edie van den Ordel said...

Love it!! Really cute photos too! Maybe I should get one of my sei albums out of my closet and try one. hehe

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this makes me want to pull out my SEI box in a kit thingie and use it too! You are so motivating JB! Love that cherish layout with the swirlie scrollie things and I love the one of Jacob. The title, that arrow, love it all. Did you doodle around those hearts on the bottom of that surfer layout? Cause you should tell people to CLICK on the photos so they can SEE better. Couldn't see that until I made it bigger.


About Me. said...

Wow! I love this kit and what you have done with it is amazing. When I lived in Salt Lake I traveled the 90 miles once to visit he SEI warehouse. I love there products.

Did you purchase this kit recently? I think tomorrow will include a trip to Michaels.
Thanks for sharing!