Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help my friend save her husbands restaurant!!

One of my really really good friends (Jason's old coworker in Northern California) recently got married to an AMAZING guy after a really BAD marriage. He is the owner of an awesome, popular restaurant in Northern California, and it's being threatened to be shut down because the owner of the LAND is a jerk! They're trying to get a petition going to help Save their restaurant. If you have any time, please go to their website!

there's a petition you can download and send in, or you can leave a message on their website, etc.

Bernadette is one of the most awesome friends I know, has struggled a LOT, and her babymaking years are limited. They're not going to try to have kids until they know that they are ok financially. This is why this restaurant is so important to them!

And if you live in Northern California, and you are reading this, head on out to Bodega Bay and eat there! You'll realize its awesome, and it needs to be saved! Thanks so much!

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