Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tell me my family isn't crazy!!

Ok so a couple of weeks ago, I got called into my son's room, and this is what I found. YES, they're all wearing underwear on their heads!!! Tell me my family isn't crazy!


Anonymous said...

Jill, your hubby is so cute! Please tell me the underwear were CLEAN! LOL And that little Jayden (sp?) with her little grin cracks me up. My parents never did stuff like this. I hope you scrap it so your kids will know how lucky they were to have a dad like that.


kraftyladyincali said...

thanks corinna! Yes, the undies were clean...they were cracking up and doing that for a half an hour..I just said "dont you DARE move till I get the camera! These pics have been printed and will definitely be scrapped!

iris said...

This is the best Dad/ kids photo I have ever seen!! LOL! Love it! yes yes I agree with Corinna, Can't wait to see this in a scrapbook page. Please let us know and share it with us.

BTW, thank you for adding me to your blog list. Although I seriously doubt belonging there! :) I'm totally not famous! :)

kraftyladyincali said...

Iris, if you're not famous yet, you WILL be! You're in every magazine as the "next upcoming face in scrapbooking!"
I think your pages are the best i've seen, and I can't wait for you to make a book so that I can buy it! i wish you lived in california!!!

Anonymous said...

not crazy ~ unique! :)