Monday, October 29, 2007

Contest Entries

I got my first contest entry, and it's a good one, so you guys better get on the ball and send in your layouts! This first entry is coming all the way from the Phillipines!
Timi O. Mercado sent me her layout this morning, and here's what she used!-
(materials used and journaling):

Title: 5 Reasons to Celebrate ME
Materials used: Patterned papers: Rouge de Garance, Chatter Box and Urban Lily (Linen); Cardstock: DCWV; DCWV alphabet stickers, brads, buttons, glitter glue (blue), metal photo corners, DMC embroidery floss, Fancy Pants stamps, Uni-ball Signo pen (white)

Journaling reads:
1. I am PASSIONATE. I put my whole heart and mind into anything that suits my fancy.
2. I am CREATIVE and it shoes in my craft, whatelse but SCRAPBOOKING!
3. I am SIMPLE, with simple wants and needs, putting importance to life simple's pleasures.
4. I am a LEADER. And I do it well.
5. I am EASY TO GET ALONG WITH. I easily fit in a group. I don't have enemies.

This next layout entry is from my Friend Corinna-Scrapbooker for hire!
Corinna creates most of her layouts in 8 1/2 x 11, and you'll always find ribbon and great journalling on each page.

Here's Thea's layout!

her journalling reads....
October 31, 2007

This page is so totally NOT what I had in mind for my “self-esteem building” page. I guess my muses were invading today. It IS Halloween so I shouldn’t be surprised. I have been trying to straighten up/organize my scrap room for 6 years. Yes, I said 6 years and I’ve finally realized, through reading countless articles and books, and talking to friends and my 16 year old daughter who does happen to speak wisdom on random occasions that I don’t like to scrap in solitude. I need wide open spaces. In the ACTION. Gotta see what’s goin’ on. Then it came to me that in only 1 & ½ years, Brittany will be off to college like her brother Erik and the whole house will be empty. SO, I’ve decided to go ahead, turn the scrap room into a Studio. Really make it a place I can be crafty. I am at the top of the stairs so not really out of things since I’ll be the only thing in the house, except for Rocky, the beast. If I want to scrap in the kitchen I can take what I need BUT if everything in the scrap room is where it should be and easy to find it should be easy to put away. Keep your fingers crossed.
So, what does this have to do with Jill’s challenge you ask?
Well, I like that I can think things out. It may take awhile but I eventually get to where I need to be. I’m a good listener because I realize that God gave me 2 ears and 1 mouth so I can hear twice as much as I speak. I’m supportive of the underdog because I’ve “been there done that” and am not going to let others take advantage. I’m pretty confident though sometimes I’m shaken in my shoes. I act as if….. Having 2 alcoholic parents taught me a lot. I kinda like me. I realize there are things I can’t change, gave up the high heels years ago, but I figure I’m a work in progress and I’m progressing nicely!!!

I know that several of you have said that you have been really busy and you want to send in a layout for my contest, so since this is my FIRST contest, I'm going to bend the rules a bit and slide back the due date until November 5th. If your layout isn't emailed to me by then, too bad so sad, gonna have to catch ya on the next contest! =)

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