Friday, October 12, 2007

S-T-Y-L-E ***STYLE***

What's YOUR scrap style? Have you ever been asked that before? I have..and you know what my answer has been? I have NO IDEA! I'd have to say maybe that it's "anything goes" because it all depends on my mood, and what pictures and paper I have in front of me. I kinda just go from there! Lately I've been thinking about scrap styles, and I wanted to post some styles of some of my greatest scrapper friends. All of my girlies are extremely talented, and most of them have been published, or on a design team or two.

I think I'll begin with Iris Babao Uy. I met Iris online just a week ago, after seeing her pages in one of my favorite scrap magazines. I immediately freaked out at her amazing layouts, because they're SO the style that I dream of having. Iris was just recently named one of 2008's Memory Makers Masters! What an honor! Iris is from the Phillipines, and is making her way into the scrapbooking world like wildfire! She also designs for October Afternoon, Badgirls kits, Scraplovers, and Scrapbukan. When asked what her scrap style was, Iris replied that her style was free and full of texture. She has no rules, and she doesn't plan her pages. She is inspired by her photos and products, and her layouts just flow from there! Looking at her layouts, you will see very intricate cut work, so fantastic that I acctually asked her if some of her layouts were digital, to which she replied NO. I believe that Iris is gonna go a LONG way in this industry, and I wish her the best of luck!

Next, is my friend Dona. I've known Dona and all of my other blogger friends for 3 years now, and they're some of the most talented scrappers I've ever seen! I'm very proud to be in a scrap group with them. Dona is a riot! Her personality and sense of humor come unmatched, and I am so blessed to be able to have the priviledge to attend her wedding this winter. Dona has designed for Pazzles, and the Novel Approach Design teams. When asked what HER scrap style was, she said "done!" Yep, that's Dona! Dona's layouts AMAZE me. Each one is different and perfect! Her layouts (in my opinion) are so great, they're almost beyond professional. What I mean by that, is that I'm shocked that she hasn't written her own book by now, cause I'd sure as heck buy it! The vibrant colors and the silly pictures she uses just make you smile. Here are some of my favorite layouts by Dona.

Then comes Corinna. Corinna is a bit more on the shy side, and very humble, I'd say. She's also one of the sweetest girls I know, and I can't wait to meet her IRL! Corinna scraps in 8x10, and although I havn't delved into that size yet, her work has inspired me to try my luck at an 8x10 album, so I bought one the other day for Jacob's 6th grade album. Corinna has not been published YET, but I know she will be someday. Her blog is great, and she has this way with words that CAPTURES the audience reading it. Corinnas style is graphic freestylist. She is a life artist, with heavy accent on the journalling. Corinna is so deep with her journalling, that most of her layouts bring me to tears. Her family will cherish those memories for years to come!

Here are some of Corinna's layouts

Nikki I havn't known quite as long as the others, but she's just as special. Nikki is hilarious, and is always cracking us up. One thing I love about Nikki's layouts is that she's not afraid to put HERSELF in there. I'm always the one behind the camera. I have very few pictures of myself, but I see these layouts that Nikki makes with herself as the subject, and I just think..."that's awesome!" Us scrappers should use ourselves as the subject more often. Nikki uses a lot of arrows, stamps, and bling in her layouts. Her pictures are silly , and tell a great story. Here are some great layouts!

Edie is my best friend of 3 years. We met in one group, and ended up finding out that eachother was a scrapbooker, and I think I've ruined her since then. She can't let a Joann's coupon go to waste, local scrapbook stores know her by name, and she owns pretty much almost everything sizzix has ever made! Yes, I'm a bad influence..but it's fun! Edie is a great scrapper. She is kind of shy and modest about it, and doubts herself too much when it comes to her work. She has been a Scrap-room guest designer, and recently got picked to design a sample page for I'm so proud of her! Edies pages are fantastic. out of the thousands of layouts I've seen in the past 10 years, nothing compares to her amazing talent of finding the PERFECT paper to match her pictures. Everything flows SO SMOOTHLY and just FITS. She says her scrap style is Eclectic. She uses clean lines, is journalistic, and her photos are always the main subject. Edie is not a professional photographer, but her pictures are about as close as it gets. Every picture she takes showcases something wonderful about the subject, whether it be a personality, a feeling, movement, or just the dew on a rose. Edies layouts are light on embellishments, and heavy on paper. She is a paper FREAK just like me! Here are some of Edies best works

Last but not least, is my dear friend Klo. Klo laughs at me because I tell her she's famous. She's met almost every scrap celebrity there is, from Lisa Bearnson to Allie Edwards. I went to a Scrapbook Expo here in california last year, and I was talking to this one company from around here, and I mentioned Klo, and the guy that worked there said "I know Klo" and I said "MY KLO? She lives in Nebraska!" It was then that I realized that my famous Kloey really gets around...(in the scrap world, that is!) Klo is a design team member for Pazzles, and also is the Events coordinator for Scrappin USA. She is the inventor of the new Kloriginal designs cd for the Pazzles cutter. Klo's style is eclectic. She uses her pazzles for everything, and I've seen her create amazing works with it! Examples of Klo's Pazzles pages are below. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to view some of the layouts from my talented friends . To learn more about my girls above, check out their blogs listed on my site.

Stay tuned for my first "freebies" contest coming up on the 15th!


Anonymous said...

I liked Corina's ~ how simple & to the point.....

Anonymous said...

Why thank you mrs2tone !


Anonymous said...

Jillie, you are so fun! You described us all to a "Tee" and it's so cool to see all my friends' layouts on your blog!


Dona'Scrap said...

Wow...what nice things you've said about me and my yahoo girls. I'm truely touched! are an amazing scrapper, and we all feed off of each other! Thanks for your kind words.