Saturday, October 20, 2007

pumpin patch frustrations

Ok, are you like me? Do you buy outfits, JUST because they look like they'd be good in a layout? I do it all the time..can't help it! My mind is always there, thinking of the next page to make.

So I was in Kohls the other day and I saw this ADORABLE outfit which I thought would be perfect for the Pumpkin Patch for JADYN (my youngest). It was a plum/burgundy colored onesie type outfit with pretty white arm cuffs and leg strips with flowers on them, and one of those birds that you see in all the layouts these days on the side of the hip, with felt like flowers sewn on and embroidered. Totally perfect for a layout, right? I bought it, put it on her today, and was ready to walk out the door and get my perfect pictures taken for my perfect layout...and she looks at me and says "I POOPIE, MOMMY!" omg...SO i run over to her, and she leaked through the whole outfit! (I know, TMI!~) I was soooo freakin bummed! I took off the outfit in a huff, and then searched for something else to put her in. I finally settled on a white dress with ruffles all over it, cause nothing else stuck out for me....did i mention i was bummed? We went to the pumpkin patch, took our pictures, paid WAY too much for a few dorky rides, TRIED to take pictures on the big pumpkins only to get yelled at by the workers, all of which MUST have been pmsing today ( i wanted to yell that I just paid 20 bucks for 3 dorky little 3 minute rides, so she'd better shut up about the picture on a pumpkin thing, but i kept my mouth shut) and then went home. ****note to self.....white dress....dirty pumpkin patch....not a good idea~!***

here are some of my fave pics from the patch.


Anonymous said...

those pictures are adorable ~ love 'em! Can't wait to see what you do with 'em!

Heather B said...

That's so funny! I totally dress Ricky in outfits that will look good in pictures (not neccessarily to scrap since I am so far behind) but just in general good picture taking clothes! The pictures turned out great and the white ruffle dress is so stinking cute anyway!