Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Live each day to the fullest

I got an email from my childhood best friend a few days ago, informing me and several others in a form letter that her mother had passed away. Kiera's mother Debby Hamilton was a 56 year old AMAZING mother of 9 children, and grandmother of 9. She had recently just gotten remarried only 4 months ago. The news shocked me and at first, I admit, I thought it was a joke, until I read the obituary and the press release. Mrs. Hamilton was hit by a semi at 7 in the morning last Friday.

I can't begin to tell you how bad I feel for Kiera and her siblings. I have lost a mother figure in the past when I was a teenager, and now another mother figure. It makes me want to call my mom every day, and spend as much time with her as possible, cause you never know when life cuts you short! I hope my brothers are reading this and thinking the same thing.

I remember a million little stories about Mrs. Hamilton and I hope that now that she's in heaven, she can look down and see how many lifes she's touched in this world.

She was a great mother. 9 kids..can you imagine?
9 kids..and I can't remember a time I saw her really lose her temper.
She had SO much to do, and I can't remember a time when her house was MESSY.
I was at their house probably 3/4 of my childhood life, and almost daily in the summer. We had sleepovers, and she would make HOME COOKED meals, because two of her children were PKU and needed special food. Not only did she cook and clean, but she was ALWAYS doing for others. I remember that she baked bread ALL the time. I remember that she made TONS of baked goods for church bake sales. She sewed clothes for her kids. Would you believe that after 9 kids, she still had an exchange student from Japan for a long time?
Debby also taught piano lessons at her house. As if she wasn't busy enough! I dont think she had an enemy in the world!

God bless you, Mrs. Hamilton! You ARE a saint, and I'll remember you forever!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Hon ~ I'm so sorry ~ I'll be keeping you all in prayer.....