Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do you know how much I love you?

Ok, so "do you know how much I love you?" was the first text I got from my husband last night. My first thought was "oh, no, what has he done?" His next text said something like "I got bored, and found the scissors, and gave Jadyn (my youngest) a haircut. She moved a lot, got fussy, and I really screwed it up, but at least it's out of her eyes!"
Of course, my response was "OH MY GOSH>>>>PLEASE tell me you're KIDDING ME!"
his response---"nope, not kidding!"
my response---PLEASE PLEASE tell me you're kidding me!!!"
his response---"ummm...NOPE, not kidding!"
My response---"did you do this cause you're getting back at me for spending tons of money at the scrapbooking expo tonight?"
his response---"nope, just got bored, and she needed a haircut!"
my response---Holy crap, my poor baby!"
his response---"give me a break! THere's fires all over California, 1500 hundred houses have burned, over 1 million people have been evacuated, and you're MAD about a bad haircut?"
no response from me....
So...I guess I could say that I made it a point to NOT feel guilty for spending money at the expo, cause he butchered my baby's hair. I got home, she was already in bed, so I got to sleep without seeing it. THANK GOD.
I woke up in the morning, and Jadyn walks in with a HUGE pout, which I attributed to her bad haircut, and Jacob walks in behind her and says with a smirk "I always wanted a little brother!" Then Jadyn sings "I'm a boy, i'm a boy, i'm a boy!!"
are you laughing yet?? NO??? Ok's a picture!!!


All I gotta say is, she's gonna look like a cross dressing princess for Halloween, and those bangs DARN well better be longer by the time we do Christmas Pictures! haha


candice said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! JASON!! that isn't "a little screwed up" -- LOL. he should have just paid off jordan with some toy to say she did it. LOL. luckily jayden is cute, so that doesn't matter -- but it is a really funny picture! i didn't realize how much she looks like you until she got her "new" haircut.

Klo said...

Tell Jason he is grounded....but you can't make something that adorable look too bad....she is just too cute....I can hardly wait to see the scrapbook page you do for this.

Anonymous said...

wow! that is a really bad haircut!! But, in the right hands it could be really cute. Of course it makes her look a lot older short.AND, it will grow back, so kiss and make up with Jason and threaten him if he ever picks up a pair of scissors again you will use it on him.........ERM

Sean said...

You are a brave man Jason. This reminds me of an old and very lame commercial where a sock puppet broke something and the other puppet kept saying, "You're gonna need're gonna need lots of glue!"

Anonymous said...

he! he! she doesn't look anything like a boy!! she so sweet with those puppy dog eyes ~ take her to Sundae I'm sure she'll fix it up real cute!! poor little jayde... i agree jason is grounded!

Heather B. said...

Oh My GOSH! Poor Jaydn! So it wasn't just the bangs...she no longer has ponytails either? She is still so cute.

Dona'Scrap said...

Ok scissors for you. You can't play nicely with don't get to play with them at all. What in hell were ya thinking? good thing her cute little face will distract everyone from looking at the hair. hahaha..Uh Jill...make up a story about Jordan doing's a waaaaaaaaaaaay better story :)