Sunday, April 27, 2008

Relay for Life

The relay for life was a great experience. Jacob hugged me on the way home and told me how shocked he was that I was able to walk for 4 1/2 hours straight, and how proud he was of me. It was definitely a bonding moment for us! I enjoyed being able to walk around the track with two of my great friends, Darci and Tammy!
It took me 2 hours to find the luminaries that Jason bought in honor of his maternal grandparents Robert and Dolores Hartson, but when I found them, I was so excited!
Crazy me, I forgot my camera at home, so all I have to show for this event is pictures from my phone!!

Here are some pics...


About Me. said...

Congratulations! I think it is awesome that you did this. Perhaps next you could participate in the MS walk.

Anonymous said...

You rock girlfriend. Love that you did this and all I can think about when I look at your pictures is how much I LOVE your flipped up hair!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome day Jill ~ Jacob looks so happy ~ he'll remember this day for years to come ~ I'm so proud of you!