Friday, April 25, 2008

My blogroll

I'm totally excited about my scrappers blogroll, not only is it a long list, but it's a long list of totally freakin TALENTED people that I now have at my disposal to drool over their blogs (and find easily) any time I want! I have found a lot of blogs through other blogs, etc etc etc, and I am blown away at the talent I have found and cant wait to scraplift some amazing ideas!

If you see your blog listed on my blog and you want it taken OFF, PLEASE tell me! If you dont see your blog, or a really cool blog that you KNOW about on my blog...please ALSO let me know so I can add it!

If I have misspelled your name or your blog site address, please let me know that too!

I have totally enjoyed the HOURS of browsing scrap blogs the past few days! I'm so inspired to create now, I dont know what to start first!

happy scrapping!


~Kammie~ said...

Thanks Jill! You rock and so does your music!

thanks for the add--I feel special! now one day we will have to meet up to scrap!

Laura Lee said...

Just looking at your fabulous scrapbooks has inspired me. I love those little chip board scrapbooks. I have a few questions what is your e-mail? Thanks LL