Sunday, April 20, 2008

April Birthdays at Grandma and Grandpa Brush's

Today we went into the desert to celebrate the End of March and April birthdays in the family. (Jason, Jadyn, Grandpa, and Kelsey) although for some reason it ended up being a Jadyn She kept saying "no MY birday party!"

Here are some pictures from the party...unfortunately my camera was wiggedy wiggedy whacked during pics with Jadyn and grandpa for some strange reason, and every single one of them turned out blurry! =(

After the party, we drove home and put together the OUTDOOR toys that the kids got as presents. They had a blast playing with them and didn't want to come inside for dinner!

Then Jadyn started posing really cute, so I HAD to take pics of that...=)

and last but not least, we gave the kids baths and showers, and put them to bed. Jadyn got to wear her new jammies!


Vinho said...

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candice said...

your "baby" isn't a baby anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

super cute pics jill ~ i love the one of jayden with the blurred backgroup... AND OMG Jacob has gotten so big ~ he looks like teen ~ so so handsome ~ you better watch out the girls are going to be calling the house soon!

Anonymous said...

LOOKs like they had a great day. I love your Pictures and can't wait to see them on a LO.