Thursday, April 17, 2008

just have to share...

the cutest thing Jordyn said today!

Jordyn "Mom, we have to sing 10 songs a day at school!"
mom" 10 songs, that's a lot!"
Jordyn *sigh* "yeah, even my breath is tired!"

a few minutes later...

Jordyn "one of the songs would make you cry"
mom "which song is it?"
Jordyn "I dont remember but it made Riley cry"
mom "how do you know it would make ME cry?"
Jordyn "duh mom, EVERYTHING makes YOU cry!"

One of my fave scrap designers is Elsie Flannagan. I am reading her 52 Challenges book that I bought last night, so I scraplifted some ideas off of some pages I've viewed so far. Thanks for being so freakin cool Elsie!

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Anonymous said... know she is right! haha