Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Really cool stuff!

Ok I have never heard of organize.com, but i'm sure it'll be one of my favorite places to shop online soon! I just found their website and they have the COOLEST scrap storage stuff! (as well as household storage stuff) If you click on their site, and then click on crafts, you will be saying "ooh, ahhh, oohhh!!!"

And...if you dont want to pay shipping, alot of their stuff is sold at target! Look what I found today!!! These clear stackable boxes are about 13 inches long, and about 9 inches wide, and about 3 inches deep. I am DEFINITELY going to go buy another 2 pack asap!

So here's the story. When I go to crops or host crops, I have my "special stash" of rubons, cardstock stickers, chipboard letters, etc that I always bring with me cause I "can't live without em." I used to have them all in a big clear envelope thingy, and it was getting too full, and things were getting ruined in it. Well, I just transferred everything to my new snap and stack, and it all fit and then some! woo hoo!

Here are some pics of what I'm talking about!

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Want. Need. Covet. Drool!