Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long time no blog

Where have I been... you might ask! Holy cow life is busy and complicated! I havn't blogged in 10 DAYS!!! First off, after New Years we went to Las Vegas to visit my brother Kevin and his family, so the cousins could play together. Jason stayed home with Jadyn and his new best friend GUITAR HERO (haha).

Here are some pics of the cousins together. My camera did some wierd things, so several of my pics got ruined!! =(

first pic is of Jacob and Jessica. Best friend cousins! (4 months apart)

Second pic is of baby Samantha (Sammi) This was our first time getting to meet her and Auntie Jill got her to laugh and laugh!!!

The next 2 pics are of Levi (brians son) who is ONE now, but it was also our first time meeting him. He's ALMOST walking, but still a bit wobbly and doesn't like being forced to stand alone! lol

The last pic is of Danielle and JOrdyn on the teeter totter. OMG...I dont think Jordyn has been outside as many hours in her whole life as she was in vegas. It was literally 40 degrees and they were out there for 6-8 hours per DAY playing on that swingset like it was made of gold! Jordyn and Danielle are a year apart.

I have no idea where Jason (cousin) was during picture time, but I came home and didn't have a single picture of him...oops! Bad auntie Jill!

I'd love to get some pics of the kids and their UTAH cousins sometime soon! (hint hint to Sean)

When we got home from Vegas I was sick as a dog for about 3-4 days and also have a pinched nerve in my left glute (yes you can officially call me a pain in the a$$ and I wont be offended). It's going on 16 days of pain, and the chiropractor didn't help at all, just took my money and tortured me with strange instruments. I've been given muscle relaxers and have been putting ice on it, but am hurting really badly, so I dont know how to fix that (another reason i havn't posted!


Anonymous said...

Well, since you said I could..........You are a PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! hehe

Seriously, go get a heating pad for God's sake at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, local drug store and alternate ice and heat all day long. Do you want me to send you one of mine? :)


Brigitte said...

Well, sometimes life gets really busy and that's what makes life good and worthwhile for things we do !! ....and hope you're feeeling better now !
Cute shots of your cousins there !!