Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good movies

Jason and I are very lucky to have grandparents from both sides of our families that live close by. My mom lives 10 minutes away, and Jasons parents and sister live less than an hour away, so we have great babysitters! We have been able to get some great date nights in in the past few months, and I just wanted to mention some great movies we have seen.

I took mom and Jacob to see hairspray after I went with Jason. I can't believe he was willing to go with me, but he loves pleasing his wife, so I dragged him in there. He pretended to fall asleep several times, and halfway through the movie, I think he whispered "Oh my God, this is a musical isn't it?" ....unnmmmm....duh!
Anyways, it wasn't his cup of tea, but I knew that mom and Jacob would love it, so I took them and they had a blast. Jacob was singing 'good morning baltimore!" every morning for a week!

Another one that I saw with my mom AND Jason at two separate times was August Rush. mom and I loved it, Jason thought it was ok, but we both agreed that the ending wasn't good enough. I wont ruin it for you by telling you what happens!

The best movie we've seen in years was Definitely the Bucket List that we saw two nights ago. It was sooooo good! It made us laugh and it made us cry (dont pretend ya didn't babe, cause I could tell =)
If you go see any movies this year, go see this one! Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are great together!!

One movie that we got through NETFLIX and saw recently was WILD HOGS. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, and we laughed and laughed. Dad, if you're reading this, this is a TOTAL JP movie!

There are several other movies we'd like to see, and I'll let you know after I see them if they're worth the 9.50 (yes, 9.50!) to see them in the theater, or if you should wait for video.

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