Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fun canvas project

In one of my Yahoo groups, we're doing 2008 goal projects. I'm not finished with mine yet, but I had so much fun working on painting parts of it yesterday, that I got the wild urge to paint a canvas today. It only took me about 15 minutes (and it shows) and I didn't freehand it first, (it shows) but it was still fun, and I'm gonna keep it in my scrap area so I can look at it every day to remind me what my goals are.

The canvas is from Joanns, and the paint is MM.

I have little orange dots around the outside of the canvas...and every time I lose 5 lbs, I'm gonna make one of the orange dots into a flower. Right now I have 9 flowers, for 45 lbs. I hope to add another flower by next week!

I should have my GOAL project finished in the next couple of days, and will post it. It's on a 12x24 canvas!


iris said...

Wohooo!! Congratulations on your nine flowers my dear!! I look forward to seeing a border filled with flowers")

Anonymous said...

I love this Jillie. It's such a clever idea to turn them into flowers around the border. It's gonna look awesome all filled up!


Anonymous said...

This is a marvelous idea. Do you think I could share it with my pals who are trying to lose weight too? I think I'll copy your idea -- or at least steal some inspiration. Do you do anything to prep the canvas first or just paint straight on it? Thanks!