Thursday, January 31, 2008


Jadyn has had a hard time going to sleep lately. I'll put her in her crib and she'll cry drives me nuts because she's almost 2, and you'd think she'd be used to her crib by now! Lucky for her, daddy spoils her, and after about 5 minutes of crying "daddy daddy help me!" he rescues her and drops her on the bed beside me. So I'm supposed to ignore her until she falls asleep beside me. This has turned into quite a PLAYFUL event for Jadyn, since she's not afraid to throw herself off the edge of the bed in search of toys....she always brings them back and then wants back up, so here is what she brought back to the bed the other night-2 dollies and some books. *SIGH*
So I was doing well ignoring her, but when I looked over and she was reading to her dollies, it was too darn cute to NOT tell her "hold on, mommy has to find her camera!"

I mean, can you be angry at her when she's so darn cute?
Did you see the one of her kissing her dollies boo boo? Damn, I dont want my last baby to grow up!!!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, that is like the cutest freaking story I've ever heard! That kid is cute! Tell your stupid husband to stop going to get her or she's never going to stop crying! And she'll be sleeping with you when she's 10!