Sunday, January 20, 2008

canvas fun

A few of my special scrap friends have been experimenting with canvas lately, so me being the follower that I am just had to try i can't stop! Here is a Valentinesy (that's a word now..according to me!) double canvas I did. They are 5x7 canvasses painted with acrylic. Since Jadyns room is lavendar, I'll probably put her name on it with cool letters and put it up in her room. Painting is so fun and relaxing, I should do it more often...but maybe after I take a few classes so I dont suck! ha!

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Brigitte said...

Heyyyy Jill !! haven't you tried canvas yet ?!??! sooo cool and yes, using paint is relaxing...just think that you are an aaaaartist and that's it !! throw your paint on it !! it works wonder !! lol !!!