Friday, February 27, 2009

More healthy food pics!

So i told you guys that I belong to a gym now with a personal trainer, dietician, etc. I was kinda worried that I would be HUNGRY eating 1800 cals a day but OMG exactly the OPPOSITE! I'm so dang full i'm almost feeling like I'm gorging myself! No more hunger pains, no more cravings, feeling physically and mentally BETTER and SOOOO over the 11 month plateau! You have no idea what this is doing for my esteem to know that I'm back on track and in CONTROL!

And just in case you think dieting means eating nasty gross meals and nothing but veggies, I posted some pics below of some of my meals this week...enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

you are doing so amazingly well!!! and just so you know, all the weight that you've lost,Ive found, it seems that it now has a permanent home....YIKES!!