Friday, March 6, 2009

Great deal on scrapping supplies!

Remember my friend Corinna and her story about Anita? And how I helped with some other friends and we all made a scrapbook for Anita's little girl? And how Corinna is going to deliver the scrapbook to Canada to Anita? And how she's been holding auctions for the last few weeks to help raise money? Remember? :)

Well......this weekend is the LAST WEEKEND of auctions. She is going next week (sudden change of plans) and has put up all the donations left into big bundles of stuff, love/wedding theme, travel/vacation theme, Disney theme, baby girl theme, misc baby theme, beach/tropical theme, teenager theme, tons of stuff!!

This is the last ditch effort, so go check it out and bid generously please!

Here is the page where you can see all of Corinna's auctions on ebay. Just in case this doesn't work, you can do an advanced search for her user name, which is sumsmom.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program......

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