Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Catching up to do!

I'm just gonna post some random pics taken on my phone in the past month or so, cause I need to catch up! My camera battery has been dead since CHA (gasp!) and I swear, i've been scrapping...LOTS! But....I'm not gonna take LAYOUT pics with my camera phone...that would just be so...wrong...=)

so look at these knowing they are out of focus, blurry, bad lighting, but not my fault! =)

I have been reminiscing with my pics lately and found a pic of me as a baby (left) and Jordyn as a baby (right) I think we're almost identical!

Here's another one of the two of us. This time, Jordyn's on the left, and I'm on the right (with my brother kevin)

This is us now, and I think she looks JUST like daddy now

and Jadyn looks just like me!

out of all my siblings, I think I look just like my brother Sean. He may disagree, but that's only cause he's in denial =)

This is Jadyn bringing me the snack she wants during my garage sale...seriously, she picked the only BIG snack in the house! lol

These are my dogs..thinking they can sit in MY chair!

These are my girls...who have been sick all week. Just found out today they both have ear infections. I havn't slept in 3 nights...

A typical work day for me...
Cameron and Jadyn playing with toys

Kenzie and me. Kenzie's birthday is on Sunday!

Bottle time!

Kenzie fell asleep in the jumper!

This is Jacob's first choir performance. I swear he looked so nervous I was ready to see him spew!

Jadyn and Darci. Darci gave Jadyn a fake weave! lol

My little bucket head

Jadyn tells everyone she's going to school. She even makes up stories about her school, like she acctually goes..complete with her friends names, snack time, play time, etc....I hope she doesn't grow up to be a pathological liar! =)

stay tuned for some layouts asap! Need to find some camera batteries! Sorry if this was a boring post, but now ya can't say I havn't posted in a while! =)


Anonymous said...

The photos are really uncanny, aren't they? Especially the second set. Yes, you do look like your brother! Hope the girls feel better soon. Love the photo of you and Jadyn.


Katie said...

I love these pictures. I think both your girls look like you, actually.