Monday, February 9, 2009

Lisa Bearnson qvc kit pages

So last year there were these layouts on qvc, where you order them, and you get two separate sets coming in the mail. They are page kits from the creating keepsakes hall of fame winners. You got 18 DOUBLE PAGE layouts each time, and it only cost about 32 bucks! It took me forever to finally bust open those kits, but I finally did last week, and during the babies naptimes, i whipped a ton of them together. The hardest part for me, was finding pictures to go with them. i went back several years and looked through EVERY box i have, to find some pictures to match...boy, that took hours and now my dining room table is THRASHED! Mass cleanup today, girlies! Anyways, here are several of my layouts. I can't take credit for ANY of the design on these, cause these ARE the kits, and this is what they're supposed to look like..but I still thought I'd share...just in case you wanna go to QVC and pick yourself up some!

wish my camera had better COLOR and did these layouts justice! Don't forget to click on each pic to see it bigger!

Some of these I love,some, I'll be honest...I don't like so much!

but...nevertheless,,,,I B scrappin!


Katie said...

Hmm..not sure I'd buy these, but if you were selling a big kit for all the cards you did below, I'd totally be jumping all over it.

Anonymous said...
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