Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sleep, what's that??

I'm a new mommy all over again, but this time I didnt' have to give birth, and no, I'm not breastfeeding! We bought a puppy the other day, and we soooo love her! She's turning out to be a very good doggie, and is very cuddly and is already a spoiled brat! She sleeps through the night, and goes potty outside already! yay!
Isabella (Bella) Ann Brush is a 10 week old cockapoopoo. yes, you read that right. Her mom is a cockapoo (part cocker spaniel, part poodle) and the dad is a poodle (but not the ugly kind..haha)

Bella has many nicknames...
Bella Ann,
Bella Boo, (i think we use this one the most)
Frizzy izzy,
spoiled brat
those are the most popular, and I'm sure the list will grow grow grow!

Here are some pics of my new baby who LOVES her mommy!


Michael Ann said...

Hey girl, I sent ya an email! That's a cute little critter you have there!

Anonymous said...

omg that is the cutest pup ever! Now you'll have to buy PET SCRAP SUPPLIES. LOL