Thursday, March 20, 2008

my silly girls!

Well the morning started out with Jordyn getting frustrated and I could hear tape being ripped and crumpled, and she was muttering and getting mad, so I asked her what she was doing, and she said "MOM! I'm making a sailboat for my little people and the sail won't stay on!!" (this is my 5 year old kindergartener I'm talking about) so I look over at the table, and she has a book, with a pencil, and a carboard sail that wont stay up, because she's trying to tape it to the middle of the book, and not the edge. I tell her how to do it, and the sail stays up. Picture moment? YES! Then I take the picture, load it onto the computer and realize that the cardboard she used for the sail is my 20% off coupon for Old navy!!! grrr! Daddy will be so happy!

Then while Jordyns waiting for the wind to pick up and her boat to sail on the kitchen table (don't laugh, that's what she said!)
Jadyn takes Jordyn's glasses, and starts jabbering about something that I can't understand...but Jordyn Jadyn says "I'm a wasta!"
and Jordyn says "No, I'M a rockstar!" and Jadyn says "no, i'm a waksta!" back and forth back and forth till finally I gave in and found another pair of sunglasses and took more pictures! Oh the fun we have when the babies are sleeping!

I'm going to try to get some scrapping done this weekend, so you're not just seeing cute pics of my kids! =)


Anonymous said...

That kid's a genius! You HAVE to scrap that photo and the ones of them with their sunglasses. Oh, you could use that Rock Star paper from DCWV or that other one! Hell, if you don't scrap it, I will!


Colleen said...

Love the sailboat! Very creative despite using your coupon!

Love the rockstar pics!