Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Belated Easter!

Holy cow, has it really been 8 days since I last posted? I have some cute easter pics to show. It was a totally different Easter than usual. We almost didn't do an egg hunt at all, because Daddy was taking Jordyn and Jacob camping for three days, and they wanted to get an early start. I had to stall him and rush out in the backyard in my jammies while the kids were stuck upstairs and hide eggs as fast as know...JUST for the pictures for my other reason..haha
SO here are some of my faves! (didn't take many, cause this was literally a 10 minute event, and then off in the van they went!)

and then of course, they had to have a 2 minute hula hoop contest with Jordyns new hula hoop (which is already broken...oh the joys of childcare)

yes, i KNOW there are no pics of me..but remember, I was in my pajamas putting this egg hunt together early in the morning, JUST For the pics! lol

Gonna have a crop tomorrow night, so I'm sure I'll have some good pages to show you guys on Sunday...stay tuned!


candice said...

your girls go camping in pink dresses and tights? wow...fancy family :)

iris said...

I love these pictures! hey you hid some prizes together with the eggs... your little man looks pretty pleased!! even if this was just a 10 minute event this looked like a really fun time for you and your family. Good thing you sneaked this activity in before you went off for your camping.