Monday, December 31, 2007


We got a chance to meet up with the kids cousins from Northern California (my brother Brian's kids) last week. They were visiting Disneyland, but our passes were blocked out, so we had to meet them at a restaurant instead. We chose Dave and Busters. was the perfect choice! None of us had ever been there before, and for a bunch of pre teens and teens, it was great! The kids have only seen eachother twice in the past 5 years, so they had a lot of catching up to do. I love the fact that all the cousins are so close in age. It's as if time hasn't passed at all when they see eachother again, and they get along sooo good! (can you see the resemblance?) I know I havn't been the best aunt to all of the cousins over the years, but I'm gonna work on that this year! Auntie Jill will be the BEST auntie ever, just wait! =)

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Anonymous said...

O Jill how fun!! Family is so much fun and so important ~ I'm so happy for you and your family ~ you guys should promise to not let 5 years go by again ~ how special!