Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

I can't believe time has gotten away from me. I havn't posted in over a week! I have been SOOOOO busy! (you know, cleaning up after christmas, playing the wii, visiting family....more cleaning...playing the wii...did i mention playing the wii?)

Here are some pics of our Christmas chaos. The first two are to show you just how UNORGANIZED I was this year. (NEVER EVER has it been this bad!)

Ok, so I forgot to go shopping for FOOD this year, so....santa and Rudolf got stale cookies (which promptly went into the trash)halloween candy (ditto) and no, that's not eggnog...forgot that too....Santa got Cranberry juice-nuff said!

Another example. This is Christmas NIGHT. After a yummy lunch at mom's house, we came home and realized that we had NO FOOD for dinner. Not even milk, no fruit, nada. I check to see what I could make, and this is what I came up with-french bread pizzas. Of course the kids loved it, but I felt SO year I will be more prepared! I hope to get some pics from my mother in law to show the fun times we had Christmas Eve!

Here are some pics from Christmas morning. Can you tell what the fave presents from Santa were?

this pic is one of my fave gifts that I gave to the girls. I decided to make them a dress up center, because they have so much fun dressing up at Grandma Brush's house. I went to different used clothing stores and bought high heels, purses, jewelry, hats, and clothes. Then I went to Target and Joanns and bought some halloween costumes at 70-90% off, and filled these bins with treasures. The girls loved it!

Jordyn has great timing...not only did santa come on Christmas eve, but so did the tooth fairy! They are now broke! haha

The aftermath..frightening, isn't it??

Here are some random faves of mine from the day

Non traditional Christmas lunch. We call them haystacks, some call them glorified nachos, either way..they're the bomb! Thanks mom!


Anonymous said...

JILL!!! OMG ~ that pic of you and Jacob!! You look AMAZING!! Absolutely STUNNING!! I'm so proud of you! You give me motivation!

Anonymous said...

Jillie, I don't know how I missed this post mixed in with all the others, but just now read it on january 25! Whatever. I swear to God you can tell in that photo of you and Jacob that you've lost more weight since Texas! You suck :)