Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Altered wedding mini book

I finally finished a wedding book that I made for the lady that let us stay at her house while we were in Texas. I would have been done last week, but I still had to get more pictures to put in it!

This book acctually started out as a CIRCUS book that we found in the dollar section of Target while we were in Texas. The first thing that I did with it was cut the edges off of the book with a ruler and an exacto knife. It was already the lengths that it is in the pictures, but the edges were round and in bear shapes and animal shapes.

I then had to cut the paper down to size so that it would fit on each page. This was definitely the HARDEST part! This paper is all from the Laura Ashley collection.

Once I cut all the paper down to size, I applied the paper with Mod Podge. (because it's strong and durable!)

I inked all of the edges of the book with catseye dark brown ink.

I used my SLIM JIM sizzix alpha on bazzill paper and chipboard to make the WEDDING title

Another hard part was making the pictures FIT into the book. My friend Edie and I are known for getting a lot of closeups and PRE CROPPING pictures, so I didnt have much room for error!

I didn't have much room after the pictures to add many embellishments, so I just added some rub ons here and there, and some flowers with a brad on the front. I wish the pictures would do the COLORS of the paper justice!

I hope Liz likes her gift...we very much appreciate the fact that she let 4 psycho scrapper girls that she had never met stay in her house for 3 nights!!! =)


candice said...

i LOVE your wedding book -- that looks great! i really really like altered books. did you know that if you go to the local library you can pick up their books that they are no longer going to carry for like 25cents? i've found some really cool art and photography books that make for awesome altered books.

Janellen said...

The book is precious. I know Liz will love it. You are such a sweet person. Enjoyed meeting y'all and love you as much as Dona.

Love, Jan (Dona's mom)

Anonymous said...

Jillie, the book is awesome. If I were the bride, I'd be pissed that you made something so lovely for somebody else and not me! LOL


iris said...

Look at that!! Well you really are crafty my dear! That is one beautiful book.

Edie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I have to try doing something with mine soon. She is goign to just love this!!!!!

Dona'Scrap said...

I really want ot steal this book from Liz...but since you are so sweet to make it for her...I guess I will let her keep it! haha. Great job on the book! You rock, as always.

Heather B. said...

WOW! I love, love, love it too. You are so talented. I want to try to make one of these. I looks amazing.

Syana said...

That's a beautiful book! You must have some artistic and creative skills to do that!

Oh and your children are so cute !


KarenB said...

Wow!!! I love this book!!! Your work is amazing!!!