Friday, December 7, 2007

The coolest scrap store

While in Texas, the 4 of us scrap happy gals decided to go on a scrap store hunt. I know, what's new, right? We had heard of a really cool store, and set out to find it with our handy dandy lil' GPS! When we got there, the store had JUST closed 5 minutes before! We freaked out! (have you SEEN the Mervyns commercial where they're standing at the door saying OPEN OPEN OPEN against the glass? that was US!)
The frightened owner finally came over to see what was steaming up her windows. We told her that we had come all the way from California to see her store, and could we please come in and shop? She was nice enough to let us in, and smart too, cause she made over 300 bucks off the 4 of us freaks! Here are some pics of the coolest scrap store I've ever been to. It was so pretty, and dainty, and you didnt want to leave!
For those of you that LIVE in Texas and have NOT been there, it's called BY DESIGN SCRAPBOOK BOUTIQUE in Houston!


candice said...

i HAVE to have that mirror!!!!

BrigitteS said...

Woww !! you girls look like you had done plenty of shopping there hey ?? hehehe !!!
Love those shopping bags !! :)