Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I lost Nicole Richie!

seriously...80+ lbs gone..forever...never to come back and haunt my body. I lost nicole richie. I lost a cheerleader, I lost someone on Maury Povich in need of serious intervention! I still need to lose another Nicole Richie, but I'm halfway there, baby...halfway to my goal, and there's NO stopping me, because my mind is back in it, my heads in the game, and my body is acctually LOVING the exercise at Reps for life! I have a great trainer, the owners ROCK, and everyone is super nice! I love that my friends are working out there now, and we can do this together! My future is bright..gonna go buy some shades.. =)


ck said...

Yay! Congratulations!

(And seriously, I'm still laughing. You should totally pitch that to your gym as a marketing campaign.)

kindra said...

You do rock!! And you truly are an inspiration. You don't give up and THAT is inspiring. You go, girl!! :)

ScrapScene said...

Wow! You are doing so well, congratulations! I'm still laughing about the whole Nicole Richie comment!! :)