Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why I love Lisa Bearnson

Her style is changing with the times, and I must say it's getting better and better! I love that her new album kits are all about ME (the adult) I love knowing that my kids can look back on these albums years from now and learn funny things about their mom.

Sorry I'm so lazy, but I didnt' take the pages out of the protectors before I took the pics. I'm not finished with the album yet, but will be soon! Here is what I have so far...much better looking OUT of the protectors..lol


Awesome Abby said...

OK, this is much easier to look at and....well....it's there for me to see now, which also helps! LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!

Anonymous said...

Thank God you fixed the blog. I was going through Jillie B withdrawals! I could go to the blog but just see it for a second before the stupid thing disappeared on me! LOL

Love this album. But where are the PHOTOS darlin?