Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At the park with Grandma Linda

I got to spoil Gabe (Jen's son) for a day, so mom came over and we took the kids to the park. Grandma said it was safe....but then we saw this sign....omg....I was on bear lookout the whole time! (long story from my high school wildlife biology days...eek!)

these were some of the NICER poses....then the kids got freaky on me...haha

Jordyn said "i'm the devil!" (shocker...i know)

Gabe said "i'm a scorpion!" (ok...)

Jadyn said "I'm mean..." (yikes)

They weren't really unhappy, they were just faking it for the pics..promise!

You know your mom's a scrapper when you can pose so nicely for pics!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all you must email the story of your early biology days. And second of all, what are you nuts? You stayed after you saw the sign? I'd be like "Grandma's crazy. Let's go!" HA HA

And I think my fave photo is of Jadyn's mean face. HYSTERICAL.