Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wii Fit

Long time no blog! I've been busy....ummm....playing with my new wii fit??!!

Yep, I'm now a gamer..haha I play video games...and they make me sweat and burn calories and make a fool out of myself and I LOVE it! Pictures? yeah right!!! Maybe...someday...I'll let the kids take pics of me doing some exercises on then, but until then you can use your imaginations!

Some of my favorite games on there are the yoga ones (because they say i have good posture..yeah right!), the bubble girl one, the hula hoop one (omg my abs HURT today!), the boxing, and the penguin one is my all time fave, but not so much a "lose weight" game...lol

I'm going to a crop on Saturday night, so I'll have some new layouts to show you, and If I'm not too busy this week, I'll try to be creative!

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